Dr. Rowley keeps out yet another PPP Covid Politicisation Variant 

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Lest we forget, Covid is aerosol driven for which, what’s plateaued can transitioned exponentially with a solitary concentrated delta variant cough, evident in the infinitely long list of plateaued premature celebrants.

Indeed, America celebrated by the millions, as masks were unmasked, for hospitalisations and deaths enjoyed a southward trajectory. And with celebrations, a pensive Dr. Fauci was forced to restate that the Covid fight isn’t yet won. And when a usually mild-mannered Britain plateaued, a nationwide drunk like a skunk alcohol driven revelry ensued, for which ramifications were inevitable as predictably- Covid asserted herself as the final arbitrator for this deadly relationship termination.

Then Israel, the Covid exemplar trended plateau, for which they kill the fatted calf. For three in one jollification it was, Benjamin Netanyahu ousted after 12yrs.

The spiritual sacrifice of more Palestinians, with the implicit approval of the Americans.


Extermination of Covid with Pfizer.

But that all changed when Covid mutated delta for deaths.

Likewise India, the Covid success story, for which all restrictions were relaxed. Masks face-off. Lockdowns lockout. Social distancing transitioned social embracing. Prayerful Indians filled all spaces. Oxford-AstraZeneca was placed in hands, for arms that need them. And for their premature celebrations it unmissed all, that Captain Modi was positioned millions of arms, south of herd-immunity. And the inevitable catastrophe was ours to see- Cyanotic Indians dying for the want of oxygen and hospital beds.

PPP premature celebrations  

For Covid deaths should never be champagne celebratory, as our demise is certainly one sneeze away. As a result, like most I do welcome the apparent plateauing in our Covid deaths. But admit I must that the contributing factors are befuddling, in the context of unapproved vaccines with a laissez-faire public health policy.

To that end, one would have expected humility, after a year of deaths and hospitalisations, from PPP. But that wasn’t to be, for clueless they are of excess deaths.

Excess deaths

Definitionally, excess deaths is the difference between the observed numbers of deaths and expected numbers of deaths, in the same time periods. As some deaths due to COVID may be wrongly assigned to other causes of deaths, tracking all cause of deaths can provide information about whether an excess number of deaths is observed, even when COVID mortality may be undercounted.

Therefore, such an estimation in the context of Covid, all deaths including COVID related is estimated, along with deaths from all causes, excluding COVID. Comparing these two sets of estimates namely, excess deaths with and without COVID, can provide insight about how many excess deaths are due to COVID, and how many excess deaths are reported as due to other causes of death. These deaths could represent misclassified COVID deaths, or potentially could be indirectly related to the COVID pandemic.

And such an estimation by the Washington-based Center for Global Development, co-authored by India’s former chief economic adviser Arvind Subramanian, examined deaths from all causes, dating back from the start of the pandemic through to June, 2021. For this report brought to the fore that India’s official Covid deaths of 414,000, is likely in the region of 4.9 million, when excess deaths are factored in.

In fact, underreporting Covid death isn’t unusual, for Tanzania after a day of Presidential prayerful intercession, didn’t register a Covid death for over a year. But the truth gained life with President Magufuli’s Covid death- The Covid deaths data was being buried.

And it’s for this reason that PPP should’ve undertaken excess deaths analysis to ascertain the true burden of our Covid fatality. But establishing such critical information, to inform public health policy isn’t their priority, for politicising Covid was paramount, at the expense of Dr. Rowley and innocent Trinidadians.

Revenge on Dr. Rowley  

But concur I will, it’s the prerogative of all countries to determine who and what is permitted entry, especially in this Covid environment. For the rationale is self-evident; Covid kills hence Governments, legitimate and illegitimate, in an attempt to protect citizenry may exclude nationals who are considered high-risk.

In fact, Guyanese nationals are excluded from all the major countries on account of the Covid risk posed. America, Britain, Canada, Europe, Israel to name a few. And with PPP vaccinating with predominantly unapproved vaccines, those very countries have indefinitely blacklisted those who have such vaccines in arm.

Therefore, Nurse Patricia Cummings misleadingly informing Lindeners that the unapproved vaccines are efficacious, must be rebuked. For what data informed her conclusion? Further, if these vaccines are efficacious, why is America denying entry to anyone vaccinated with them? Furthermore, why hasn’t the America FDA approved these vaccines? The reality is, PPP is providing a false choice with these unapproved vaccines, hence the hesitancy.

Therefore, PPP mandating Trinidadians entering Guyana must be fully vaccinated, is most laughable, for they don’t visit anyway. Nonetheless, an exploration of the facts is required.

Politics, Pragmatism or Pompous  

Trinidad hasn’t isolated the delta variant. A month ago PAHO reported that the delta variant is in the Caribbean. Therefore, likely both Guyana and Trinidad are with delta variant. Further, both Guyana and Trinidad Covid death per capita are similar, along with apparent plateauing of Covid deaths. Therefore, from the aforementioned, there is no scientific justification for the restriction placed on Trinidadians.

Furthermore, America, Britain, Canada, Europe Brazil and Indian among others, all have confirmed delta cases, for which Covid deaths and hospitalisations are spiralling, with America this week reintroducing mask mandate. As a result, their millions of unvaccinated citizens are a greater Covid threat to us than Trinidadians, yet they are unrestricted. Why?

Dr. Rowley vs Dr. Ramsammy 

Certainly, on the intellectual scale the PPP halfwits are miles south of zero, for we of bountiful braincells are of knowledge that Covid restrictions are of purpose to protect the masses, and not to settle dolly-house political scores. Indeed, we stood witness, to the public spat of Rowley vs Ramsammy, for which the cohort of PPP changelings, are still in catfight mode. As a result, with both countries apparently in plateau, the classless cat scratchers unintelligently delude themselves that the Covid cure is enviously there’s, hence revenge they sought by demanding vaccination doubles for Trinidadians. But the delta variant is amongst us for months, hence befuddled the rational minds are, of the epidemiological underpinning for this restriction. For what is there to keep out? There are all already resident amongst us. Alpha. Beta. Gamma. Delta.

But here’s the irony. Trinidadians must provide proof of vaccination yet the Brazilians and Venezuelans can crisscross our borders, parade our airports without vaccines in arm. And of further irony, are the Covid massacres in Venezuela and Brazil. Then the Americans, British and Indians, the delta epicentres, can enter free of vaccines, highlighting the vengeful intent of PPP, which Dr. Rowley ignored like the true Statesman he is.

Dangers of politicising Covid  

Indeed, PPP has been politicising Covid from the get go, and the consequences we face. The reality is, over 50% of us are distrusting of their unapproved vaccines. And at a time, when the focus should be on reassuring the unvaccinated, hopefully with WHO approved vaccines, they are once again indulging in Covid politicisation, for which we will pay with our lives.

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