‘Diary of a bad year’

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..Granger knocks the PPP administration’s first year in office

Former President David Granger has criticised the the PPP administration’s management of the country in its first year in office, saying that their stewardship reads like a ‘ diary of a bad year’

Speaking at his weekly programme, The Public Interest, on Friday, Mr. Granger said the past 12 months will be unforgettable for the mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘the country’s worst flood’, the crime crisis and the dismissals of public servants. He particularly condemned the administration’s purging of hundreds of public servants who have been deprived of the ability to provide for their families.

Addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, Granger predicted that over 500 persons would have died by the PPP’s anniversary. “Response to the flood situation was aimed mainly at providing relief by distributing hampers rather than also planning for the recovery of the livelihoods of farmers, miners and workers,” Granger is quoted as saying in a release.

Mr. Granger also criticised the administration’s hasty ‘One Guyana Commission’ and ‘Corridor of Unity’ initiatives, suggesting that the ‘corridor of unity’ should be located at the scenes of the PPP’s riots in East and West Berbice on 6th March last year.
Granger observed that everyday crime and interpersonal violence have been spiralling out of control while the Police Force is being demoralised by the vulgar attacks on the integrity of the Police Service Commission. He noted that the PPP administration failed to address the surge in transnational narco-trafficking.


Mr. Granger contended that the administration should strengthen the capacity of the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defense and re-establish the National Anti-Narcotics Agency which it hurriedly disbanded when it entered office last year.

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