Make your home sparkle with products from cupboard and at sink

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Don’t throw away money buying cleaning products when the Do It Yourself (DIY) products are just as effective. What makes it even better, these products are in the pantry (cupboard) and/ or at the kitchen sink. Professionals say the DIY products and cleaning tips, sourced from Oprah’s Insider magazine, will clean:-

Window and Glass Cleaner

Cornstarch is one special ingredient that will give you a streak-free clean. In a large bowl, combine one cup of hot water and one cup of rubbing alcohol. Then, whisk in four tablespoons of cornstarch. Transfer to a spray bottle, and spritz onto windows, mirrors, or glass before wiping clean with a microfiber cloth.

Hardwood Floor Cleaner


All you need to make your wood floor shine is a little bit of dish soap. Just mix two tablespoons of dish soap with a gallon of warm water, then mop.

Stainless Steel Cleaner

To safely clean stainless steel or chrome all that is needed is a little dish soap and water. For convenience, mix the two ingredients in a spray bottle, spritz onto the surface, then use a clean microfiber cloth to scrub in the direction of the grain.

Oven Cleaner

Make a thick paste by mixing enough liquid dish soap, baking soda, coarse salt, and distilled white vinegar. For deodorising power, add three to four drops of vanilla or lavender essential oil, too. Then, apply the paste to the interior of the oven and let it sit overnight. (A few hours will do in a pinch.) Next, soak a sponge in warm water and scrub thoroughly. Finally, spray the entire oven with white vinegar and wipe once more with a clean cloth.

Mattress and Shoe Freshener

Baking soda is a fantastically effective deodoriser for musty mattresses and smelly shoes. Just sprinkle this product on the surface of the mattress or inside shoes, and let it sit for at least a few hours. For mattresses and other upholstered furniture, vacuum any lingering powder; for shoes, shake outdoors.

Microwave Cleaner

Save yourself some elbow grease by placing a bowl filled with a mix of ¼ cup of white vinegar and one cup of water in the center of the microwave. Then, heat the mixture for five minutes on the highest setting. Once the bowl has cooled down, dip a cloth into the liquid and use it to wipe away any stains and splatters.

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