Only 13 percent of Region Ten population took COVID vaccines so far

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Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anothny and Opposition MP, Dr. Karen Cummings

…Region One and Six ranked highest

Region Ten is by far the Region with the lowest vaccination uptake with only 13.57 percent of the adult population there taking their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

These figures were highlighted on Monday during questions to Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony from Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) Dr. Karen Cummings during the Committee of Supply.

Dr. Cummings had requested information on the type and quantity of vaccines being paid for and the number of vaccines the Government intends to allocate per Region. The responses from the Health Minister showed that Linden had the lowest rate followed by Region Eight which has an uptake of 28.55 percent.

All other Regions were either within the 40 or 50 percent. Region One ranked highest at 53.75 percent followed by Region Six at 52.95 percent. These two were followed by Region Five at 48.55 percent; Region Four at 47.18 percent; Region Three at 44.84 percent; Region Seven at 44.08 percent; Region Nine at 42.49 percent and Region Two at 42.02 percent.


The overall targets for the regions are as follows: Region One – 18,016; Region Two – 30,505; Region Three –  70,245 ; Region Four – 203,046;  Region Five – 32,474; Region Six – 71,459; Seven 11,976; Region Eight – 7,220; Region Nine 15,798; and Region Ten – 26,063

The Regional distribution of vaccines (first dose) to the adult population as of June 13, 2021 are as follows: Region One – 9,684; Region Two – 12,817; Region Three – 31,495 ; Region Four – 95,802 ; Region Five – 15,767; Region Six – 37,842 ; Seven – 5,279; Region Eight – 2,061; Region Nine 6,712; and Region Ten – 3,538.

In other words, persons remaining to take the vaccines in every region are as follows: Region One – 8,332; Region Two – 17,688 ; Region Three – 38,750; Region Four – 107,244; Region Five – 16,707; Region Six- 33,617; Region Seven – 6,697, ; Region Eight – 5,158; Region Nine – 9,086 and Region Ten – 22,525.

Dr. Anthony assured: “We have procured vaccines for all adult persons in Guyana.

Furthermore, Dr. Cummuings also questioned the Health Minster about what efforts have been made to ensure the cold chain distribution is efficient for Guyana’s hinterland regions.

Dr. Anthony said that the cold chain that Guyana has for vaccination was built for vaccines between 2 – 8 degrees celsius but changes have been made to improve this to cater for all types of vaccines.

“We have since built that so we have enough storage to provide vaccines that require -20 and we have storage for vaccines that require -70 or -80 [degrees]. We have been able, with the allocation given by this National Assembly, to be able to build several hubs for vaccines,” he said.

These he listed at being at the Kingston bond (-20, -70 and -80 capabilities); Diamond (-20 capabilities) and in Region Six and Ten. He said that more than 15 locations have been built to serve as regional hubs to take in vaccines.

Dr. Anthony also pointed out that regular flights have been transporting vaccines to all destinations using containers of dry ice at -20 degrees. “We’ve been doing that right across the hinterland,” he said, noting collaboration with the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), private aircraft and manufacturers of dry ice locally.

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