Young Guyanese creates own fashion brand ‘Ragga Rebel Style and Fashion’

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Your personal style can tell who you are, your personality and what you represent.

Aisha ‘A/TayJAH’ Jones,

There are special people in the fashion industry who are inspirations to helping others find their fashion sense and style.

In the Guyanese context, fashion is most times influenced by what is seen on TV in foreign communities as “what’s trending”.

However, there are some people who create a style of their own. One such example is 28-year-old Aisha ‘A/TayJAH’ Jones, an unconventional Guyanese creative mogul who started her own fashion brand, ‘RaggaRebel Style and Fashion’.

In an interview with Village Voice News, Jones said she is a full time creative artist/entrepreneur who grew up between Georgetown and New Amsterdam Berbice.

Traversing between the proverbial ‘country’ and city in Guyana, gave her the opportunity to develop a creative eye, which she later put to use in her photography business (The Eye Art), where she enjoys creative directing, photography & film.

As a visual artist, Jones felt convinced that having her own brand is an ideal way to express her sense of style & fashion,

and it is the next best avenue to get her creativity and “vibe” out to the rest of the world, on a level where it can be seen, as well as worn. This, tied with her preference to be her own boss, motivated her to launch ‘RaggaRebel Style & Fashion.

“First of all, having your own business, you benefit directly from your own hard work. It is the best way to be in control of one’s income, as well as it pushes you to evolve both on a personal level and on the business front. Also owning your own business would provide you with opportunities to give back to the community by providing jobs. And more importantly, an employer cannot fire you or refuse to hire you because of their own political, social or religious biases,” the young entrepreneur said.

She explained that Raggamuffin Rebel (Ragga Rebel for short) is both a lifestyle and identity that she proudly claims. Hence, RaggaRebel Style & Fashion, is a clothing brand inspired by the raggamuffin culture of the Caribbean, with an artistic Guyanese twist.

“To me it represents uniqueness, freedom and individuality, all in one. In an abstract and unorthodox way, it highlights the beauty of imperfection. As a creative artist, I wanted to create an avenue where this culture can be redefined and seen as more of a conscious movement, as against just being seen as roughneck or street tough. This is a tribe of individuals who believe in standing out and owning their existence in a positive & inspiring way. Hence the birth of this clothing brand in 2017 with the tagline – ‘Different vibes, one tribe’. This dream of mine was three years in the works and now I can proudly say that my vision has come to fruition,” she explained.

Her success, she said, is attributed to how she was brought up.

“For the most part, I grew up around a solid representation of love and family. Raised solely by a single mother, whose independence, resilience and strength is deeply embedded in who I am today. My humbleness and loving nature I owe to her and my family.  I learnt how to make the best of what I have, until I got what I wanted or needed,” Jones said.

The ultimate goal, achievable in the next few years, the young creative said, is to make RaggaRebel global.

Her overall vibe, authenticity, positive energy and individuality, and her excellent customer service is what she believes set her apart, and will be rewarded a place in the global market.

All of RaggaRebel’s Style and Fashion items can be purchased online at

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