Is Jagdeo telling the truth?

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Dear Editor

I have noticed members of the Coalition labeling Mr. Jagdeo as a Pathological Liar and being the student I am, I had to take a closer look. Studies and behavioural experiments have shown that facial expression and bodily expression are congruent in terms of conveying visible signs of a person’s emotional state. A person’s facial expression alone can tell a totally different story from the words coming out of their month. Body posture and hand gesticulations are often looked at to support what is expressed by the face.

I decided to take some time to look at Mr. Jagdeo’s press conference from May 21st 2020 and I must say it was most alarming. I will try to make this short, The opening of the press conference had a few instances of actions that would usually constitute a lie. At the beginning you would notice that Mr. Jagdeo was able to keep his eyes fixed for a few seconds, his speech was fluent with little to no break in his voice or repetition of words, his hand action was assertive and meaningful, fingers straight and pointing forward, no licking of the lips or watering of mouth.

However when it came to talking about “APNU” there was a stark difference in Mr. Jagdeo’s actions. Mr. Jagdoe’s speech was not as fluent, he blinked at a faster rate, eyes were going back and forth as if he didn’t want to make contact with anyone in the room. His hand actions became crooked and a bit hesitant and reserved at times,  watering of the mouth (studies have shown that the mouth tends to get dry when someone lies frequently) and he rehashed words like “move move”, “and and”, “they they”, very often.


During his presentation Mr. Jagdeo was being vague when making accusations against “APNU”, one such instance was his ranting about APNU having drug connections One would also notice he was speaking in sentence fragments.

When it came to him responding to questions, it was noticed that there were a number of instances where he repeated parts of the question or even ask a question before providing an answer and then the answer presented provided few details to the actual question asked of him..

I have highlighted these things to show that there may be some truth to the assertions being made by the APNU.  I would therefore  like to encourage reporters to take note that when persons are  accusing others of wrong doings and making statements like Mr. Jagdeo did,” that they have evidence of “APNU” connections to drug dealers”, you must ask them to produce the said evidence. When these things go unquestioned by the media but it is publicized persons tend to believe that it is true when it may be far removed from the truth and  in essence nothing more than lies cleverly passed off as truths.


Joy Adisa

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