Bar associations are always expected to be principled on matters of the law

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Dear Editor

This is with reference to letter published  in your Sunday’s Online version of Village Voice News, 11.4.21, captioned ”Berbice Bar Association abhors attacks on Justice Sandra Kurtzious”.

First of all, the Berbice Bar Association must be commended for writing such a forthright letter, condemning the attacks on the Honourable Madame Justice  Sandra Kutrzious, in light of her recent decision in a civil matter which  it is  believe  involves  PPP/C Leader and vice president  Bharat Jagdeo vs Annatte Furguson, a former cabinet minister of the former coalition government.

Secondly, undoubtedly, these attacks are the known brand of PPP/C trolls/supporters, and it mirrors the usual descent to cesspool behavior, whenever Judicial decisions go against their party. In essence, it is a traditional taking the cue from prominent party leaders, who have been known for their well-known pole stance of always expecting the Judiciary to rule in their favour. And as an aside, even though, Jagdeo’s statement of casting blame for non-filing of his defence in the extant matter, contrasts sharply with that given by his legal brief, a condemnation of such disrespectful social media conduct has still not been forthcoming. So, what should the nation have expected?


Thirdly, one must agree that though  the county bar association must be congratulated, one is of the opinion that such a position ought to have been taken by the Guyana  Bar Association, given the fact that it is the umbrella body that encapsulates the membership of the  nation’s legal minds. But unless I may have missed such a public statement, I have not read any such emanating from the GBA.

Fourthly, this silence from the nation’s premier legal body, if it is indeed so, would be expected, given its well-known  documented position of naked partisanship a la then opposition PPP/C that it unashamedly  took during the many constitutional court battles  in the aftermath of the March 2 national and regional elections.

For example, while it is always expected that the role of such an organization is mainly to discuss and give clarity to matters of legal import, as suggested guides to judicial decisions, its open and unconstitutional raids and  an attempted  desecration of some of our national laws:  for example; its support of seeking to have house to house registration deemed unconstitutional, took legal jurisdiction to its lowest depths, among its silent support for other  legal obscenities.

This is not an unwarranted attack on the GBA, but instead criticism that is rooted on well known facts as per conduct of this legal body which drew numerous criticisms from sections of the public.

Finally editor, this question must be asked. Since, it seems  that the regional branch of the GBA can issue such an important statement, one is left to  wonder as to its silence on the many attempts of its parent body to twist the law for certain projected outcomes, during the constitutional issues of 2020. This should not be seen from the point of view of a schism or breaking ranks – It would have  been taking a PRINCIPLED STAND, AS IS ALWAYS DEMANDED ON MATTERS OF LAW.


Ovid Davis

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