PPP political doctors more inclined on spreading Covid propaganda rather than addressing the problems

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See it I can, with eagle-eye clarity, as if it were a few days ago. But eight months were registered from whence the Americans inserted themselves, deeper than a colonoscope, in determining the outcome of our election.

And in the process, the Chief Election Officer, who should have been the Master of Ceremonies, had his tabulations rejected. But such it is, with large volumes of oil being siphoned from our seas, relegating the small fishes to the puddles.

Indeed, under APNU+AFC, all was going smashingly well with invaders of our land, Covid included, being neutered by Mr. Moses Nagamootoo and Mrs. Volda Lawrence. But the inevitable first case breached our formidable defences on March 11th, 2020, complements of Trump’s epicentre. But despite this, our Covid sharpshooters remained steadfast in picking-off by the billions, any virus that raised its deadly head. So by the time the Americans had both their way and our oil, the Covid numbers stood at 21 deaths and 420 cases.

Pandering Political Parties


Indeed, in 2020, social media was where I had much to say and more to read. For Lenox Shuman, a mystery pilot was struggling to find political landing. And as a character, who is nautically south of my intellectuality, my attention was rarely his. But that did change when bilious Covid conspiracies and fabricated numbers were being aerated from all his body cavities. For that pathology I did address where the curative missives are readily accessible in the Chronicle letter columns. But Lewd Showman, aptly descriptive of his post-elections shenanigans, was never short on cretinous company. For the blood red attired followers, supported by the Political Pandering Parties, formerly the minor parties, were a retina scarring sight to behold. And loud collective Covid moaning they surely made, with many erroneously concluding that a maiden prostate examination was in progress. But thankfully that wasn’t the case, rather the mystery pilot and political panderers were heavily burdened with concerns of APNU+AFC Covid management. And their concerns were of such Newtonian gravity that within seconds, pens approximated paper in calculating our predicted extinction date from the impending Covid Armageddon.

And not dissimilar to the mini-skirted ladies of the night, all they unashamedly displayed, including their confabulated apocalyptic tabulations. And with the surety of the American singer Fontella Bass, they were all at the ABC&EU Embassies belting out, “Rescue me”-Granger is killing us with Covid. Then after five months of intimidation the inevitable happened-Trump illegally extricated APNU+AFC, as he inserted the oil loving and Venezuela hating PPP.

Blood on PPP hands

But with all their loud moaning, groaning and bellowing, as they fought PPP intellectually constipated proxy war, the APNU+AFC five months registered 21 Covid deaths and 420 cases. This is surely not a celebration of deaths but rather highlighting of numerical facts.

Nevertheless, as the rest of the world took Covid deadly serious, Donald Trump and PPP were laser focused on other endeavours. For Trump had tunnel vision for rigging America’s election while PPP had contractual obligations to the business community, that aided and abetted their return to government. But admittedly, if PPP were uncertain of the consequences of dismissing Covid, then America should have been exhibit number-one with Brazil number-two. But beyond that, these columns are impregnated with medical literature that is easily decipherable.

But surely a death wish were theirs, for PPP unbelievably also disregarded the evolving medical postulations that vaccines are our only passport out of this pandemic, even as public health practices were being recommended. And both PPP dismissed as idle talk, with billions directed to feeding their sweet-tooth, the consequences of which now burden our dark days. For beyond doubt, is the reality that after five months, APNU+AFC had Covid 21 deaths compared to PPP 231 in eight months and in similar periods, APNU+AFC had 420 cases compared to PPP 10,433. Indeed, these numbers speak for themselves even as the pandering parties, now unavoidably silence with vocal-cord palsy as the Lewd Showman sips fine wine at Freedom House, relishing his hard-earned reward for promoting PPP dollars over deaths Covid policy.

PPP Political-doctors

The fact is, the responsibility of the hundreds who have needlessly died should be placed at the feet of the PPP political-doctors. And for this reason their medical deficiencies underpinning their political decision-making must be brought to the fore.

And then the nearly forgotten threesome, Dr. Anthony, Dr. Ramsarran, Dr. Mahadeo are all of the stratum, specialists in cough and cold with no further elucidation mandated. Dr. Ramsammy, who is non-medical of minimalist knowledge, brings up the rear of the quintet of shame.

But further evidence I must present, of some voluminous orally balderdash discharge that emanated from the quintet, who are evidently out of their depth. For Dr. Carpen in a most ill-informed statement, asserted that Guyana Covid mortality is comparable internationally, implying that PPP-Covid is safely sorted. Dr. Ramsammy astonishingly claimed that PPP can approve Covid vaccine approvals without clinical data. Dr. Frank Anthony plucked a random number from thin air, in assigning 78% efficacy to SinoPharm. Dr. Mahadeo, clearly excited with the airtime given, disregarded the sanctity of Parliament in claiming that APNU+AFC mismanaged Covid, despite contrary evidence.

Shockingly, these are the best PPP had to offer which explains the depressing position we are in, of exponentially increasing Covid deaths and cases.

Still increase testing?

Agonisingly, 252 are dead and over 10,853 had their bodies abused by Covid. But context is needed, which for a population of 750,000, these numbers comparatively represent high infection and death rates. And without doubt, a similar demographic we share with the Caribbean for which also comparatively, the crown for the highest Covid fatalities and cases is ours.

The painful reality is that PPP political-doctors were more inclined on spreading Covid propaganda rather than addressing the problems. And by not addressing the Covid related problems facing the nation, rather focusing on manufactured lies that increasing deaths and cases are test related, surely left them with heads buried in the sand as we buried 252 of our love ones in graves. RIP. (The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily that of this newspaper)

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