Weekend Housecleaning Tips 

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Carpets and rugs- to get the stinky smell out, sprinkle baking soda all over, let sit for a few hours, and then vacuum. The same method could be followed for the trash can, pet beds, mattresses and other stinking areas. For the trash can, wash out the baking soda.

Scenting up the house- place a pot on the stove with water, add brown sugar and orange, tangerine and/or lemon peels and let boil. It is a natural air freshener, environmentally friendly and makes the house feels and smells good.

Bring the outside in- Opt for real plants, even if it is a small one. Plants beautify your home, are pleasing to the eyes and smell good. Plants are also a good way to identify with sustainable development because as they give off oxygen which people need; people give off carbon dioxide that plants need.

Cleaning microwave- this appliance could be cleaned with products in your home, including baking soda, dish soap or vinegar (apple or white cider). Do not use bleach because this product weakens the interior and damages the appliance over time.

  1. Greasy door- dampened a sponge with water and dipped in a little baking soda. Wipe the area with the rinsed sponge or clean damp cloth.
  2. Greasy window- clean with a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar, then wipe dry
  3. Heavy grease build-up, wipe with a grease cutting cleaner or sudsy mix of water and dish soap.
  4. Inside- i) mix 1 cup water and lemon, lime or orange slices (squeeze juice from the fruit slices into the water) into a microwave-safe bowl. If you have white or apple cider vinegar on hand, combine a few tablespoons and 1 cup water into a microwave-safe bowl; ii) Place bowl with mixture inside the microwave, turn it on high power for several minutes until the mixture boils and the window steams up; and iii) Let cool for 5 minutes before opening the door, then remove the bowl and wipe the inside clean with a sponge.
  5. Removing burnt and other smells- for light odours (e.g. spicy food with a strong aroma) air it out by leaving the door open or place a bowl of baking soda inside with the door closed to absorb smells. For strong odours clean any leftover residue and place an odor-absorbing gel inside, like Fresh Wave, until you run it again. Don’t have that gel, don’t worry. Try the mixture at 4. (Source- some from goodhousekeeping.com)

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