National Unity

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There are growing calls for Guyanese to unite to deal with oil and gas. This publication, though we have repeatedly editorialised and carried columns about the necessity for national unity, joins the chorus and is calling on more to get on board.

There is a general feeling that the Ifraan Ali government is uncomfortable with this call and is deliberately creating a smokescreen to avoid unity because they feel they have more to gain in a divided Guyana.

Say what you want about the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP) they are good at creating smokescreens and diverting attention from dealing with issues if these do not serve the self-serving interest of their leadership. A divided Guyana can never benefit from maximizing the benefits of oil and gas and the government knows this.

A divided Guyana will result in distrust, hatred, and the hurling of insults at each other while the political leadership stoke the flame to camouflage selfish pursuits.


The government knows only too well when the ordinary people are at each other’s throat they could get away from being held accountable. They know when the political and racial other peddles petty animosity people take their eyes off the ball to hold them accountable.

The government knows these only too well and is working their hardest to maintain this division.

As Guyanese antagonise their fellow citizens it may have escaped attention ExxonMobil is flaring in our waters, giving off emissions that will do untold harm to citizens and the environment. The government knows the risk ordinary Guyanese are being exposed to, and that the government in other countries would not have allowed the poisoning of their environment.

The PPP/C knows this and hopes ordinary citizens do not know, because should the people know the people will demand answers and solutions.

The PPP/C leadership fears a united Guyana because they will have to make the oil contracts public and answer for the deals signed during the Donald Ramotar government.

They know a united Guyana will agitate for these documents to be released. The government knows the A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance For Change Opposition said they are open to and will support the renegotiation of these contracts. But the Ali government is acting like they do not want this; acting as though their sole interest is to keep Guyanese divided in order that Guyanese cannot unite.

The government also knows if the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), the parliamentary committee which oversees government spending, is allowed to function, what is done in darkness will come to light. The efforts to undermine the working of the PAC is to the government’s gain and society’s loss.

The government is afraid of accountability and doing all they can to not create a united Guyana.

National unity works to the benefit of all. This unity does not mean support for the same political party but support, coming together, to do what is good for Guyana. Should a tally be done this publication is confident there will be less, if any hands raised, who do not want a better Guyana; do not want oil and gas money to be spent to improve their lives and country.

There is doubt the majority will support the continuous flaring in Guyana’s environment after having the knowledge of its dangers to humankind and the ecosystem. There is doubt the majority will allow the leaders of government and all politicians to live the life of the rich as the ordinary people live in poverty and squalor.

There is confidence most Guyana want a better life, regardless of which political party is in government.

Presently the voices are becoming louder calling for national unity. It is a call deserving of response, to achieve a crescendo that will leave the government and politicians with no other choice but to come together for the good of all Guyana. National Unity has been knocking on Guyana’s door for decades now.  Guyana must open that door and let it come in.

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