Ms. Shawnette Bollers deserves justice  

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Dear Editor,

We are appalled at the way Ms. Shawnette Bollers is being treated by the judicial system. Ms. Bollers took a courageous stand, in the face of the police dragging their feet to investigate, when she decided to bring private criminal charges against attorney-at-law Nirvan Singh who she alleged assaulted, chased, spat upon and subjected her to vile racial slurs while she was on official duty at the residence of his father, retired Chancellor of the Judiciary, Carl Singh.

Now the DPP has decided to discontinue the charges against Mr. Nirvan Singh without so much as an explanation of the reason/s for the dismissal, and without even informing Ms. Bollers and her lawyer of this decision.

Ms. Shalimar-Hack, don’t you think Ms. Bollers  is deserving of a hearing or more so  an explanation as to why she is denied a hearing? Why did you not even inform Ms. Bollers and her lawyer of your decision? Why is she not being allowed her day in court, given the very serious allegations she brought against Mr. Singh?


Ms. Bollers deserves  the right to justice and Ms. Shalimar-Hack, as Director of Public Prosecutions, you owe it to her. You are mandated to  administer justice in criminal matters.  Is the manner in which you handled this matter called justice?  Is Mr. Singh’s alleged abuse of Ms. Bollers not seen as serious enough? If it was the other way around, we know that Ms. Bollers would have been charged.  Are we to take it that Mr. Singh, a learned lawyer, is above the law or that people with money and positions and contacts have immunity when it comes to the law?

What do poor people need to do to get justice in this country?

This decision MUST be challenged.

We commend and support  Ms Bollers for standing up. In standing up for herself, she sets an example to her children, her family, and all of us.



Susan Collymore

Norma Adrian

Joy Marcus

Halima Khan

Wintress White

Vanessa Ross

For Red Thread

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