Stabroek News’ has crossed the line

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Dear Editor,

The Stabroek News editorial of Sunday 4/24/2022 did not come as a surprise to me, it has been in their DNA always to denigrate any Black leader in this country and especially if he wears the colours of the Peoples National Congress (PNC).

The editorial stuffed with Political Dog Whistles, lays bear the intentions of the water carriers of this present administration. According to the editorial “Mr Aubrey Norton comes to the leadership of the opposition as far as the public (Which Public?) is concerned without the level of experience which would suggest either impressive negotiating skills or a personality disposed to restraint in political affairs.” Reading this carefully one can understand how Stabroek News feels, the dog whistle that says, he has no experience and definitely no negotiating skills, coupled with his “street credentials and impulsiveness” means in local parlance he is not suited for his new role.

But regardless of this phrasing, one can also read the apprehension, within the editorial, that for the first time their friends will be dealing with a political scientist, who is knowledgeable of the Constitution and Political matters, plus the ability to articulate and put them to the sword when necessary. None of the people representing the Government in Parliament who euphemistically label themselves as politicians do not have a clue as to what to expect; hence the reason for their water carrier hysteria. He, Norton has already informed the President much to their chagrin that in their meeting he is not only prepared to discuss appointments, but other matters that relate to this country.


A former PPP activist who still gets ink from Stabroek News while he hangs on to relevance by his finger nails, offered his two cents thought that other discussions or outside discussions,” should go to a committee.” This old activist needs to do us all a favour by going quietly into the night.

This is not an editorial that is welcoming a new leader who could help in changing the direction of this beleaguered country. No, this editorial has the audacity to question his ability to lead; while jokers who represent the Government in Parliament only knowledge is their addiction to the National Purse. Criticism is good and constructive criticism is even better, however this is an editorial of hate, belittlement, and demeaning all at the same time. What is the pits, is their shout out to the other race; beware Black people on the loose. If this editorial was written by the editor surely he knows what this portends to mean.

I had stopped purchasing Stabroek News some years ago, my only contact with this rag, is when colleagues abroad and at home send me stuff that they think I should be aware off. Anyone who can roll back the “slow fire, mo Fire” years of Janet Jagan and Desmond Hoyte, cannot forget the reporting that came from that paper. Their hate for people like me was and is palpable it has not changed and will never change.

Milton Bruce

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