Guyana’s newest triplets: two boys and a girl! 

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The triplet Khaleel, Reya and Addiel.

…young couple adds another record to family of twins 
…doctor says training at GPHC improving delivery experience 

By Lisa Hamilton  

When Alicia Bacchus found out that she was having a triplet, she was moved to tears of joy. It all culminated on Thursday, July 22, 2021, when she gave birth to two boys and a girl.

Her babies’ father, Dorrel Simon, is a twin, so is his mother and Bacchus’ side of the family also has twins. However, her family was shocked to hear the news about triplets.

Alicia Bacchus and Dorrel Simon.

“Everybody was like ‘three?!’ But they’re so excited on both sides because, remember, they were twins [in the family] but we’re the first to bring a triplet,” the 26-year-old said in an interview with the Village Voice News.

This is Bacchus’ first pregnancy. Though she was excited she was also nervous about how she and her partner would manage three babies. Even so, she was comforted by the support she received from family and friends. “It was tears of joy, at the same time you’re so overjoyed but you’re asking yourself ‘how am I going to do this?’ But, you fall in love with three and you don’t want nothing less than your three,” she said.


This is what Obstetrician-Gynecologist Specialist, Dr. Abel Caesar and his team aimed to provide Bacchus with — nothing less than three. When he first met Bacchus she was around 10 weeks pregnant. Speaking with the team there, she decided to place her trust in the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

For the first four months, Bacchus was very ill but then she became better. She gave birth at 34 weeks and four days by way of C-Section. Her delivery went smoothly and, as the paediatrician approved the release of each baby, one by one, Bacchus got to meet and hold her children up close. She said that every time she received a new triplet she became even more excited. “As a mother, you just can’t wait to have all three of your children in front of you, it’s a feeling that I can’t even explain. It’s like you’re in love in so many ways,” she said.

Because their father is a Muslim, the babies have all been given Muslim names with positive meanings. Their names are Khaleel, Reya and Addiel. Though they have their families’ support, one of their outstanding needs is now a bigger home. Their current home is small but they’ve been communicating with the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) with the hopes of receiving a two-bedroom turnkey home at Cummings Lodge.

The down payment of one million is required by August but this has become even more difficult for them to acquire now with triplets. “If we could get assistance in that way we’d very much appreciate it,” Bacchus said.

Triplet surgery in action


Over the last six years, this is the third triplet that has been delivered at the GPHC and these have been safe deliveries.  Dr. Caesar is thankful for the local speciality programme within the Obstetrician and Gynecologist (OBGYN) Department that has helped to improve the capacity of doctors over the years. He began the programme in 2016 and concluded in 2020 as an OB-GYN specialist. This was his first delivery of a triplet. During the delivery, he worked as the lead surgeon assisted by OB-GYN Consultant and First Assistant Surgeon Dr. Ravi Ichlangod, and final year OB-GYN Resident Doctor and Second Assistant, Dr. Nirvanie Singh.

Obstetrician – Gynecologist Specialist and Lead Surgeon, Dr. Abel Caesar; final year OB-GYN Resident Doctor and Second Assistant, Dr. Nirvanie Singh and OB-GYN Consultant and First Assistant Surgeon Dr. Ravi Ichlangod.

“Years ago, we used to have a lot of maternal deaths and bad outcomes but we’re now seeing more positive outcomes and more persons choosing the Georgetown Public Hospital as their primary area of care,” Dr. Caesar said.

“Most of the specialists are working at the Georgetown Public Hospital…so you can say we’re on par or even better in terms of the service we provide.” As she prepared to leave the hospital with her hands full, Bacchus said: “One thing I know is that my family is going to support me with as many hands as possible and I guess I can just take it one step at a time every day. That’s the plan.” Her encouragement to other women who may be pregnant with multiple babies is to brace themselves to fall in love like they never have before. She said though it might seem difficult, the best way is always to take things one step at a time.

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