Sputnik V shenanigans

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Most certainly, an out of body experience, for outlandish a dream it was, agonisingly perplexing beyond words. For this the plot, Dr. Frank Anthony sermonising a crowd of red, reassuring all and many, that the WHO has appraised to praise, PPP Covid-19 management.

But as it were, the dream had a clandestine breached, positioning the nemesis amongst the devoted. Thus, of the same space, eyes inevitably met, provoking a panicked escape, seizing mic, PowerPoint presentation and graphs, charging a door closed, screaming “Priya he’s here. He’s here. He’s here to spoil our true lies.”

Sputnik-V skulduggery

And deja vu this was, Su’s best friend nervously interviewed by a Norwegian journalist, thankfully of no stutters or splutters, nevertheless a Pakaraima mountain task in explaining twice paying a Middle Eastern middle man, for the unapproved Sputnik-V. Then our Isobel Yeung delivered, armed with questions to stutter, providing us drama and clarity on Su’s best friend portfolio- Minister of Corruption.


But this we know, these columns PPP love to hate, thus disparaged as pot salt, for being omnipresent, besides rocketing blood pressures north. Thus, of no surprise, these provocative columns were all over PPP Sputnik-V, like explorative teenage lovers. But don’t be mistaken, these Sunday instalments are also scriptural, counting July 2021 prophetic column, “Sputnik V, the reasons underpinning WHO approval hesitancy,” of the thereunder snippet.

“With all things considered, the findings are concerning. Phases-1 & 2 data missing, inconsistent data, unusual high data homogeneity, unaccounted for research participants, conflict of interest, etc. And likely, this may explain WHO protracted wait, for the missing Sputnik-V data.”

For it’s eight months registered, since these columns foresaw, that with likely falsified data, Sputnik-V will never celebrate WHO approval. Also, considering the questionable sourcing, the rational decision should’ve been discontinuation of Sputnik-V vaccination. But with their heads anatomically dislocated in dark places, the PPP pantheons dismissed this proposition as asinine.

PPP propaganda

Nevertheless, to their vexation, these Duracell fuelled columns kept going, bringing to the fore, WHO concerns regarding Sputnik-V. But ignored they were, until pronouncedly horrifying, like the Michael Jackson’s nose job. Thus, drafted was the tried and tested disinformation machinery, evident in this Dr. Anthony’s October 2021 snippet.

“From the information that we’ve received and we’ve been in a meeting, an international meeting, we were told that the Sputnik V vaccine was scheduled for WHO approval sometime in late November, the latest by the first week in December, so if they hold to that schedule, then the WHO should approve the vaccine”

But unbeknown to PPP, the disinformation alarm they triggered, expeditiously isolating Dr. Anthony’s disinformation as hazardous waste, with disarmament through the column,“The looming Sputnik-V revaccination crisis,” supported by the WHO Spokeswoman, Daniela Bagozzi’s snippet.

“Once WHO receives the full amount of data that it needs, when production sites have been inspected, and when the data is deemed to meet WHO criteria, the group can schedule a meeting to validate a candidate vaccine for an emergency use listing. No such meeting has been set for Sputnik V.”

Now with yet another unnecessary lie, many are with genuine concern, that it’s Dr. Anthony’s misplaced belief, incessant lying adds inches to other anatomical appendages, apart from his nose. For most certainly, he was aware of this WHO October statement, precluding Sputnik-V approval in December.

Sputnik-V phasing out

Nonetheless, the Village Voice we ventured, where pause was for the caption, “Guyana phasing out the use of Sputnik-V due to low uptake.” And of irresistible intrigue, the contents were explored, capturing Dr. Anthony verbatim.

“… we have now eased up from the Sputnik vaccine but we do have for persons who had their first dose, for them to get second dose…. Most people are not requesting that; so most people when they come they either want to get a Pfizer or J&J so we have been administering them.”

But with yet another lie registered, troubled we are that these Dr. Anthony’s recurrent lies, maybe symptomatic of the untreatable malady, Pseudologia fantastica. For it was most barefaced of him, stating that Sputnik-V phaseout is responsive to our demands, when recollection is, rejecting Sputnik-V as we demanded WHO vaccines, saw us unceremoniously locked out, like a philandering husband. As a matter of fact, we also recall, the cascading lies to mislead, from the brainless Dr. Ramsammy, asserting that Sputnik-V he approved, guided by a journal page. So this our position, clearer than Jagdeo-Su relationship, less lies with more listening, and most certainly Covid-19 deaths and hospitalisations, would’ve been least.

PPP Def comedy Jam

But from painful experiences, cognisant we are that PPP def comedy jam moments are unending. For recently, it was clownishly attired as a quasi-booster vaccine programme, that the November 2021 column, “Political booster to whitewash Sputnik-V,” Taliban whipped, in the thereunder snippet;

“In fact, the political booster excercise may achieve the objectives of whitewashing Sputnik-V and facilitating foreign travel, but the vulnerable will continue to die for want of a credible booster. Thus we demand to know, is it worth it PPP? Was the unapproved Sputnik-V vaccination experimentation worth the 975+ deaths?”

Thus, as the aforestated articulates, the Sputnik-V whitewashing for travel, foresaw by these columns four months prior, was recently whispered announced by PPP, calculating that we would’ve forgotten hence be oblivious. But to the contrary, we know this Sputnik-V phaseout was never about our demands, for aware we are that the civilise world had rejected Sputnik-V and it’s vaccinated, based on the concerns raised in these columns. As a consequence, with PPP friends and families demanding to and unable to travel, Sputnik-V they’ve hastily whitewashed for travel.

Mark’s message

Thus, this the message, granulated to aid Mr.Reparation Valedictorian’s easy assimilation- PPP Covid-19 management is a National catastrophe, delivering deaths and unschooled children, of which the mournful masses demand answers, through a reputable international body investigation. But APNU+AFC isn’t blameless, for their responsibility is one of checks and balances, nevertheless with PPP exceeding excesses, they along with checks and balances, were of sound sleep.

Having said that, the ultimate responsibility is with PPP, for it’s under their watch many avoidable deaths were registered, while tens of thousands of children were 21+ months education denied. And in so doing, PPP of lies, snatched our children futures out of their hands, even as they indulged in revisionism, gesture politics and gaslighting. Now, with Sputnik-V being whitewashed, we are none the wiser on the reason this vaccine was forced into our arms, when WHO were voicing concerns. Thus, answers and closure we need, only possible if APNU+AFC starts to hold the corruptly incompetent PPP to account.

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