Self-serving politicians

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With the masses PTSD burdened, consequence of PPP psychological traumas, PNC leaders should’ve been more considered, in their choices of words and deeds. For of these psychological traumas, the Leaders needed no reminders, having seen us living and dying with the ever present Covid-19, exacerbated by PPP incompetent, catastrophic and uncaring policies. Even of the bleak futures awaiting tens of thousands lower socioeconomic children, they needn’t had been reminded. Not least, the 5 months election impasse, compounded by the realisation, that branded the return of democracy, was the return of deaths. And Mr. Granger a historian, being with knowledge of the consequences of leaving us at the mercy of the PPP sharp toothed blood thirsty wolves, did it anyway, as he cowardly barricaded in a heavily fortified mansion.

And it was on this backdrop, PNC Leadership elections were held, cognisant that the masses psychological burdened, may tip the proverbial edge with minimal stressor. Therefore, incumbent it was that the elections were anxiety free, but far from it was, as elements schemed, with no consideration for the masses lacerated psyches. Thus, for the reasons the truth will be ventilated, without fear or favour, bringing to the fore those amongst us, who are self-serving.

But of potential conflict of interest, it can be emphatically stated, none of the racehorses had my wager, for the conviction then and now is, the best candidate would’ve won. Having said that, many exercised their democratic right, hedging bets on a racehorse of their choice, which unfortunately faltered badly in the derby. Thus of anger, a campaign they masterminded, setting to create an irremediable chasm in Congress Place. And for this reason, to restore their faded pre-election pledge memories, a germane Pierre Corneille’s quote was illuminated. “Every brave man is a man of his word, to such base vices he cannot stoop, and shuns more than death the shame of lying.” Thereupon, their pre-election pledge was exhumed and translated;

“The Opposition and PNC Leader must be one,” being of unambiguous interpretation, should Mr. Harmon be defeated, resignation will be as both MP and Opposition Leader. But such wasn’t forthcoming, thus the Pierre Corneille quote was revisited, to appraised Mr. Harmon, leader of the amnesiacs, pledge compliance. And of such an audit, the recommendation was, Mr.Harmon should remain steadfastly married to his pledge, or face the ignominy of being forever labelled a PPP Enmore Sugar Estate liar. So having been pre-election pledge restricted, Mr. Harmon and his minions fluidly transitioned contortionists, expertly changing positions like seasoned porn stars. Thus, of such naked manoeuvres, the challenge shouldered is ascertaining if another outcome, outside the obvious, they’ve captured in their visual fields.


Deconstructing folly
But before such an exploration, compelled I must to disabuse Mr. Harmon of the nonsense argument that in the 2020 elections,
200,000+ voted for him. For we know and so does he, our election is one where the electorate vote for a list and not a given candidate. And as Mr. Harmon knows from recent experience, seats are then allocated proportionate to votes accrued, of which 31 were allocated to APNU+AFC, thus 31 MPs selected. Finally, the 31 MPs elect an Opposition Leader. Thus of this construct, Mr. Harmon hadn’t the political gravitas to be irreversibly bonded to the Opposition Leader’s seat.

As of such an exposure, Mr. Harmon and his politically flexible minions, propositioned that AFC MPs wouldn’t support Mr. Norton, for Opposition Leader. But such fantastical argument was quickly repudiated with AFC emphatically backing Mr. Norton. Thus, the results of the Leadership election we explored, in which Mr. Harmon accrued approximately 20% of the votes, with Mr. Norton accruing approximately 80%. And the unambiguous message, 80% of the voters rejected Mr. Harmon as Party Leader. Therefore, by his pre-election pledge, resignation should’ve been forthwith.

Extricating Joe
Notwithstanding the unambiguous message, Mr. Harmon glued himself to the Opposition Leader’s seat, necessitating a heavy duty excavator, for his extrication. But despite successful extrication, Mr. Harmon stubborn as a mule, held onto his MP seat, as if it were an anatomical appendage. Thus, a conundrum presented, resolvable with another MP resigning- Dr. Henry.

So it was with this knowledge, Dr. Henry took the budget Parliamentary podium, to simultaneously announced her resignation. But clearly overcome by overpowering vengeful spirits, Dr. Henry first delayed submission of her resignation, and when she belatedly did, chose the untenable effective date of 31st March, cognisant that APNU+ AFC is acutely awaiting a Leader. Then true to form, Mr. Granger, Representative of the list, remained unseen and unheard with Dr. Henry unsanctioned. Thus, Dr. Henry was empowered to provide the PPP Newsroom an interview, where when questioned on her continued participation in Parliament up until March 31, responded; “I will make my contributions to the extent that I can do so like any other situation.”

Then she proceeded to wash PNC dirty linen in PPP Newsroom public space; “As you’re aware, the day I was required to speak in the budget debates, efforts were made to deny me from speaking. For reasons of confidentiality and other sensitivities, I will not be sharing the details of ALL that transpired in the group chat.” Nonetheless, PPP Newsroom mysteriously had access to the WhatsApp messages, as evident in the reporting.

But Dr. Henry’s utterances must be viewed in the context of an earlier PPP Newsroom article, which reported that APNU was recalling Indian MPs to facilitate Mr. Norton. For the intent was unambiguous, to paint PNC and it’s Leader as anti-Indian, a tag Mr. Harmon and his team did set out to attach pre-election. Further, it shan’t escape us that the PPP Newsroom was also Mr. Harmon’s media of choice, in asserting his 200,000+ votes non-argument. Furthermore, the PPP Newsroom was once again the media of choice, for an anonymous APNU+AFC Parliamentarian, to assert the urgent replacement of the Opposition Leader, at the exclusion of Mr. Norton. Therefore, considering these manoeuvres in a PPP media outlet, Mr. Harmon’s lethargy and incompetence as Opposition Leader, takes on a new meaning.

1. Was he an extension of PPP?

2. Are they creating a path to facilitate their preferred choice in Roysdale Forde, to be elected Opposition Leader, in continuance of Mr. Harmon’s agenda?

Thus, King Solomon we revisit, exploring his methodology in establishing the rightful mother of a disputed baby. And of that narrative, the message we recall, one wouldn’t destroy what one loves. For the clear interpretation of the actions of Mr. Harmon and his minions, feeding information and disinformation to PPP Newsroom, evidence their destructive intent on the party. And this is their perverse reasoning, if their man cannot be Leader then the PNC baby will be cut in half. Indeed, such actions suggest at the right price, Charrandass they will rebirth, justifying recalls.


Thus, the choices facing PNC;

1. Continue to self-destruct.

2. Recalibrated and represent the PPP abused masses.

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