I have on numerous occasions identified fallacious information that Freddie peddles as facts or the truth

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Dear Editor,

Freddie Kissoon in his February 7, 2022 column, in Kaieteur News, on the eve of his wedding anniversary, indulged in an act of idiocy and orgasmic self-stimulation as he paired me with Charles Ceres as being surreal (strange and unusual in my behaviour). I am sure that Ceres does not need my assistance and can speak for himself. However, based on the evidence that Freddie provides, against himself, I must agree with the label: a pseudo-researcher,which he said was attributed to him by Ceres.

I have on numerous occasions identified fallacious information that Freddie peddles as facts or the truth. In his February 7, 2022 column, he does just that in an attempt to discredit me, on which basis he sought to establish that I have no moral authority to expose his fallacious propensity. He, however, does not seek to refute any of his fallacies, misrepresentations, misinformation and downright lies, which I previously exposed.

There is no need for me to provide past evidence, since the evidence in his recent column will suffice.


Freddie wrote that I was the YSM chairman in 1973. This is so far from the truth that it is laughable. At that time, I held no office in the YSM and was pursuing studies as an 18 plus adolescent at GTI. In 1973, Jeffery Thomas demitted the chair of the YSM and Robert Corbin assumed until he demitted in 1977. Freddie surreally even claimed that I told him I was in Moscow in 1973.

He questioned how long and for which period I was away in Moscow in an attempt to associate my presence with events in Guyana in 1983. The records will show that I pursued studies in Moscow from 1979 to 1985.

A facts check, which I continue to recommend that Freddie should be subjected to, less he be allowed to continue to mislead the young readers, will prove that Freddie is malicious in his contention that ‘I denied that Mingo`s conduct was unbecoming’. I never commented on Mingo`s conduct.

He also continues to misrepresent the issues and the judgment in the Persaud vs. Alexander law suit. I am also inviting the readers to put their hands on the decision of the court. The single matter before the court was whether I accused Vishnu of pretending to have a qualification which he did not have. I never accused him of such an act. I stated that he was given the job under the pretext of him being duly qualified. I never stated that he pretended or conspired. I indicated then, and repeat now, that the job required a first degree which he did not have at the time, however certain forces, other than Vishnu himself, represented that his diploma was equivalent to a first degree and on that basis he was preferred for the job. Incidentally, there is no final judgment since the case is before the Court of Appeal.

On every count Freddie is a stranger to the truth and facts about me in his February 7, 2022 column and at maximum can only be described as a pseudo-researcher. If he had to submit this record for experiential assessment the score would be zilch minus (-0)

There are some who hail Freddie to be the standard bearer of truth. They are either gullible or themselves culpable.

Yours truly,
Vincent Alexander

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