This has got to be the worst Speaker ever

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Dear Editor,

I did not intend to say anything on the ongoing budget debate. However, I noticed something on day two that grabbed my attention.

Member of Parliament Tabitha Sarabo-Halley delivered a brilliant budget presentation, without shouting, name calling or stooping to the level of those on the Government side.

Her presentation was well balanced with facts, information and solid suggestions on how the Government can better serve the people. Her critique of the budget was sound and well articulated.  If she happens to read this letter, I’d like her to know that she represented well and many of us young women look to her for inspiration.


I will now turn to the part of her presentation that grabbed my attention.  During her presentation Mrs. Sarabo-Halley,MP stated that she had a dream and she began in a very creative and concise way, to share with the assembly and the nation details of what transpired on December 29th 2021 while highlighting how poorly the Speaker handled the entire proceedings.

Then the Speaker after realising that he was being scolded by the member for his continued shameless bias in the National Assembly, tried to get Mrs Sarabo-Halley to stop speaking and move on to another part of her presentation.

He again stopped the member’s presentation after she shared the meaning of the word Nadir which means “the lowest or most unsuccessful point in a situation” which she pointed out is what the assembly has descended to under him. In his defence the Speaker then went on to speak about the meaning of his name and its origin thereby trying to insert his reasoning into the members speech.

It was a moment of brilliance by Mrs.. Sarabo-Halley as she got the Speaker even while being scolded about his bias nature to further expose himself as he tried several times to prevent her from sharing and even sought to change the context of her presentation.
This has got to be the worst Speaker to ever preside over the National Assembly. He is shamelessly bias, repugnant and vacuous. Guyana deserves better.

Joy Adisa

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