I welcome the protest at Dartmouth

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Dear Editor,

It is welcome news that that people at Dartmouth, Essequibo have come out in the open to protest against the manslaughter charge laid by the PPP against a suspect in the killing last September of the young businessman and villager, Mr. Boston, a possible role model for the Essequibo.  The Minister of Home Affairs, in responding to the outcry after the event and the call for a transparent investigation had said, “The investigation must be thorough.”  We now know from the charge of manslaughter, the lesser offence, that the investigation was more than thorough and may have anticipated the work of the courts.

Before the 1980 Constitution was amended, decisions of the DPP could not be inquired into by any court. That barrier was removed and it is refreshing to read that lawyers representing the Boston’s family are considering a judicial review of the DPP’s decision to charge for manslaughter.
I hope that the issue will reach the courts.  My “warped mind” (Mr. G. K. Lall) suspects that the twisting of arms and bullying of constitutional officials has continued, regardless of the party in power.

I hope that the people protesting in Dartmouth bear in mind the need for wearing masks and for social distancing.  They have the duty of defending our human rights, such as Mr. Boston’s right to life, and also of protecting one another from the pandemic, which is everywhere and so badly managed.


At the time of the killing in September, the coalition’s Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Ramjattan, on analyzing the statements by the police, had pointed to the likelihood of political interference.  The charge of manslaughter lends justification to his fears.  As events unfold in our country, the Attorney General’s proclamation keeps ringing in my ears, “the victory of the PPP represents the triumph of good over evil.”
Yours respectfully,
Eusi Kwayana

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