Clutching at straws

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Dear Editor

I dare say that our youngest, at 23yrs old, Noble Laureate is certainly making his university dropout alumni abundantly proud with his stellar achievements.
For this dishevelled scholar with the most odorous of personalities has broken never before existed political records, in being the only politician to have changed political allegiance thrice, in less than a year. And for all his troubles, 669 votes were his. Subtract 13, the number for bad luck, and 666…

But to the printed media we must delve, for our intellectual is of astonishing accolades, where in the space of one year he was appointed subeditor, yes such a portfolio do exist, then promoted to senior editor and ultimately ex-senior editor. Oh my!

And most certainly, his Lordship record breaking is of no bounds, for he once held the meritorious position of APNU+AFC Cultural Advisor, where he sat in an AC office with Secratary and the perks of a big one, to now being PPP Cultural Advertiser on Facebook, likely being conducted from some random restroom.


So after accruing debts of $6M for miseducating the masses about an educator, the diverse PPP provided employment. And reassuringly, his appointment wasn’t of a Faeces Throwing Specialist, Cuss Out Agent, Phantom squad Killer or Professional Token. Positions that the diverse PPP would reserve for Afro-Guyanese.

In fact, the PNC had their Congress, a week ago, and as a neutral observer, I quietly commended the democracy that was displayed. As a matter of fact, the American Lady was so impressed that she requested the blueprint to share with Donald Trump. Then these words from the Canadians that is certainly giving an oil slippery PPP insomnia- We wish to work with Mr. Norton, for the benefit of all of Guyana. Even the British Lady had eyes North, requesting to meet the newly coronated Norton, for some tea and chat. OK!

And it was on this backdrop that PPP panicked, in employing our beloved Noble Laureate as Propagandist in Chief, to provide commentary on PNC elections. But admission is mine, this Noble Laurette literary gift is south of my bipolar, high level creativity and intelligence, evidenced in him utilising more profanities than Priya prepositions.

So having been promised that his $6M dept could be brought closer to $0, he with erected enthusiasm claimed that PNC is delaying publishing the results to facilitate negotiations towards diversity. But Alexander the Great would have none of it, dismissing the allegation as lacking merit, a fiction of the imagination of one burdened by a $6M debt and the expected hogwash from a university dropout.

Notwithstanding those literary lashes, our Noble Laureate then accused PNC of lacking diversity, even as he misarticulated a series of profanity laced recommendations. But as a neutral, I would be first to admit that PNC can improve their diversity. There should be more Indo- Guyanese. There should be more women. There should be more homosexuals. There should be more transsexuals. There should be more pansexuals. There should be more Indigenous, not Lewd Showman. There should be more Chinese. There should be more gender neutrals. There should be more asexuals. There should be more bisexuals. In effect, the Party should reflect the society it serves. But having said that, the minority diverse groups in PNC are with power, voice and respect. In contrast, PPP apart from having more homosexuals than PNC, is far from diverse. For the minority diverse groups are all powerless tokens, defeating the whole purpose of diversity. In fact, one Afro- Guyanese demanded to see the evidence, which was shown hence he spoke and was immediately kicked out. The Pandit Lady made the same utterance but kept her place.

So it’s clear that our Noble Laureate was given a diversity basket to fetch water. For the clean hand doctrine would dictate that PPP be the least to talk about diversity, evidence in the atrocities they have perpetuated against Afro- Guyanese, even as their Afro- Guyanese tokens are powerless to act.

Having said that, our Noble Laureate $6M debt is closer to zero; $5.9999M

Dr. Mark Devonish

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