When foolery becomes fact

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Dear Editor,

Today I’ve been bad. Very bad. I’ve read a Freddie Kissoon’s column, something I’ve avoided, for years. You see, on reading Freddie’s columns, my IQ is depleted to cretinous levels, which any sensible person would avoid.

But here is a man in Freddie Kissoon, who has academic tattooed across his torso but unfortunately not his brain. In fact, academia speaks to intellectuality, critical thinking and deep analysis. But none of those are with Freddie, for he is no academic, he is anal retentive.

So apparently Amanza Walton-Desir described the PPP supporters as being mentally lazy. And from that one statement, Mr. Kissoon arrived at the conclusion that Lady Amanza was referring to Indians. But I chose to disregard, cognisant of his fixated predisposition. But today he crossed my red line, his favoured colour, when he wrote, “which of course everyone knows mean Indians.” For now the FFV (Freddie Foolery Virus) is no longer contained, but is rapidly spreading at exponential rates. But let’s face it, PPP is failing at one pandemic, most certainly another pandemic would have WHO characterising Guyana as a country of concern.


But we know the courts, universities and places of intellectual discourse are underpinned by evidence and critical thinking. The only arena where evidence is irrelevant, are in rum shops and lovers’ quarrel. But clarity I must haste to provide, before Freddie infers from my last statement that Lady Amanza loves him. Far from it, it must be, for such a beautiful, intelligent Black woman must be of higher standards than a rum shop debater.

So I arrived, they stood, I sat as Judge, Jury and executioner. And most certainly, questions were mine, directed at Kissoon to talk me through his analytical and deductive processes, that informed his conclusion that Lady Amanza was referring Indians. But he would simply respond that everyone including him knows that. And trying to suppress my ghetto instincts, I would then put to Kissoon that he could only know such, if he was capable of getting into Lady Amanza’s head. And therein lies the foolery in his argument. He cannot get into anything of Lady Amanza, much less her head. And for that reason, the courts wouldn’t accept such brainless arguments. As a matter of fact, academics would laugh at such a conclusion.

And now the deconstruction of Mr. Kissoon statement, “….which of course EVERYONE knows mean Indians.” how do you know everyone knows that? Where did you conduct your research to inform such a conclusion? What’s the P value? What is the Confidence Interval? What’s the value of N. Were participants randomly selected? You get where I’m going. Kissoon cannot arrive at such a conclusion unless he has evidence e.g. a credible survey.

In fact, these days Ruel Johnson is staying miles away from Facebook. For it is public knowledge that he slandered Mr. Cohen Jackson by repeatedly writing knowingly false statements on Facebook. But here is where it got funny. Clueless Ruel under cross examination, kept repeating the baseless allegations. And when asked to provide evidence, like Mr. Anal Retentive, he had none. But foolishly like an echolalic parrot he kept repeating the allegations anyway. Why wasn’t he charged for perjury? Surely the courts have proven the allegations to be false, even as he continued to repeat them on cross examination. Isn’t that perjury? Lady Amanza, we need your legal brain here.

Dr. Mark Devonish
MBBS MSc Med. ed. FRCP(Edin) FRCP
Consultant Acute Medicine

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