Freddie Kissoon service to the rulers will be short lived

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Dear Editor,

Permit my brief response to Freddie Kissoon’s column published in the December 7.2021 edition of the Kaieteur News captioned, ” All Guyanese should read which country Rickford Burke says he lives in”. My interest is the contemptuous remarks by Mr. Kissoon on whom the African masses don’t listen to politically.

He wrote, ” What has been the reaction of African Guyanese?” – (A reference to the PPP government arrest warrant for Mr. Rickford Burke). Kissoon continues, ” The only people who think African Guyanese are easy prey to fool are these Black leaders themselves”. I now ask if he feels that the African masses are fooled by his utterances and attempt to provide leadership for them?

Kissoon cannot separate his self-promotion from political analysis. After he stated where he buys furniture and fruits, he wrote, ” I am calling on African people to juxtapose my patriotism with that of Duncan, Hinds, Burke, Benchop and the entire school of Black leaders. I am telling the PPP leaders not to be afraid of the insane ramblings of these people because Black people are not listening to them”. Kissoon may be more useful to the PPP and government by stating who the African masses listen to politically.


Furthermore, Kissoon cherry picks black people who says nice things to him as “evidence” of his influence. This tactic is straight out of the Bharat Jagdeo playbook (who sued Kissoon for his paper written on the latter). This is mere symbolic camouflage and typical of how Republicans in the United States use a smattering of African-Americans as “evidence” of their multiracial character or “support” from the African-American electorate in the US.

I am taking the liberty to offer Freddie Kissoon some advice. In your new role of a paid propaganda agent for the PPPC, you should be mindful of not undermining your now lucrative and privileged position by your irrational political logic you are offering the rulers as sound advice. Remember, that they have at their disposal more intelligence access than you and are perfectly aware of who is influencing the African community’s political consciousness.

I conclude by saying if you are not careful, Mr. Freeddi Kissoon, your service to the rulers will be short lived.

Tacuma Ogunseye.

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