Dr. Do Little nonsense responsible for 1000+ Covid-19 deaths

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Dear editor,

Please permit me to address a most unbecoming utterance by Dr. Frank Anthony.

For the Specialist in Cough & Cold held a press conference where a question was put to him on J&J and Sputnik-V. And clearly out of his depth, Dr. Do Little disparagingly referred to the question as “nonsense.”

The fact is, the recognition is mine that I am generally brutally harsh to these PPP cretins who act like they are superior to all and many, of Patrician if you me. And from their actions they have reduced us to Plebs and servitude beings. As a matter of fact, the question was put to me on many occasions on the rationale for my literary humiliations and opprobrium of their limitations. And most certainly I would reference their actions as my equal and opposite reaction, to remind them that they are are nothing in my eyes and in our eyes.


But such as statement, vis-a-vis being nothing, is not without justification, for these questions to Dr. Do Little shall evidence it;

1. Dr. Do Little, what is the medical evidence underpinning Sinopharm, Oxford-AstraZeneca and J&J being used as booster vaccines?

2. Dr. Do Little, what is the medical evidence underpinning your policy of transitioning a primary Covid-19 vaccines as automatic booster vaccines?

3. Dr. Do Little, where do you get your medical information from? If it’s from The Lancet, I must bring to your attention a Dec 2nd research publication, where Oxford-AstraZeneca and J&J were proven not to be of booster material. Of course Sinopharm wasn’t tested for it’s never tested. In fact, the only vaccines that proved to be boosters vaccines are Pfizer and Moderna. And it’s this evidence that informed Britain, America etc booster programme.

4. Dr. Do Little, yet another prediction date for Sputnik-V WHO EUL has come and gone. Do you have any further predicted date to humour us?

5. Dr. Do Little, when will you admit that I’ve owned your PPP clueless and yourself, throughout this Covid-19 debated? Of course I demand an equal welcome home like Mike Pompeo, except the red carpet. And if a carpet is required, I humbly request the rainbow colours.

6. Dr. Do Little, I am quite sure you will concur that the public should be provided the visual of who is talking and doing nonsense. As a result, I would propose a Covid-19 debate with PPP best doctors. As a matter of fact, the debate will be open book, computer accessible and mic in air, for the Covid Clueless, for this Covid Clever wouldn’t need any of those.

Dr. Mark Devonish MBBS MSc Med. ed.

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