New platform launched to showcase works of local artists

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Sade Barrow-Browne

A new platform has been launched to promote the works of artists here by showcasing Guyana’s culturally unique ideas and perspectives through artistry, to the region and by extension, the world.

Sade Barrow-Browne Founder of said the entity was created as an online platform where artists in Guyana can display their work the way it should be portrayed on screen. She said as an ever-evolving encyclopedia of today’s art world, artists will be able to partner with in sharing their latest portfolios, premieres, and exhibitions.

At the launch of the business recently Barrow-Browne said in this modern era of change and media development “we are so proud to be the first ever platform bringing this revitalised art space in a place of extreme progress such as Guyana who has without a doubt set a stage for creativity and evolution.”

She said portrayed today is art and its dynamic nature, with new trends and styles emerging at a fast pace often opening a stream of subconscious interpretations with intentions of personally touching every person that comes across it in some way. “Artists often reflect on the problems they face, and the issues faced by their society. By analyzing and putting ourselves in the mind of the artist, we can better study how differently societies function; can empathize and relate to the problems they face on a personal level or as we say here in Guyana, ‘All cassava get same skin but all nah taste same way.’”


She said art is meant to stimulate thought and conversation between viewers. By reflecting on an art-piece, we delve into our own experiences and nostalgia, thus art means something different to every person. “Its appreciation helps open up the mindset of people, by gaining new perspectives and views, it encourages thoughtful conversation and the understanding that there is more than one approach to every situation.”

“That’s what this platform is about, belonging, resistance, possibilities and the role of the arts in pushing the world into being more than it is today,” Barrow-Browne said.

Adrianne Marie Brown said that we are in a war of imagination and we are losing. I have concluded that our fight towards anything in this world today begins with leaning into our imagination; in that you must imagine something that has never been done or existed in creating that which becomes possible. ‘One, one dutty build dam. ’“To me, as artists, creatives, cultural figures, that’s what we do every day. With every stroke of a brush or switch of a pencil, we redefine the impossible and change mindsets. My focus in this endeavor is without a doubt centered around the redefinition of the arts here in Guyana as not only a legitimised career path but a driving force of innovative thinking and expression for all,” Barrow-Browne said.

Barrow-Browne said at “we believe that art shapes the world, as such, the promotion of Guyanese art is a direct link to conserving and developing our Guyanese culture.” She said the gallery is geared towards the future and with this regard, “we’ve recognised how access to art has shifted with the technological age. As such, creative individuals must embrace the influence virtual media brings to their branding as an effective marketing strategy. Our mindset here would be using our well-publicized media platforms in exposing our visual artists to overseas exhibitions, art chat rooms, and learning forums in boosting professional careers. Whether the focus is on drawings, paintings, sculpting, or photography, we’re here for you.”

She said the business not only connects persons in the promotion of artistry as a profession but aids in the process of pricing, monitoring media for art plagiarism as well as ensuring safe distribution of artwork to parties involved.

“It is our view that art shapes the way we interact with the world and at we hope to bring that professional sheen to our artists. Our representatives will manage and update all aspects of the artists’ promotion, including social media, in-gallery materials for exhibitions, and publications. Additionally, we will maintain communication with potential buyers, journalists, and collectors.”

“These services provided come at a minor cost to those who may decide to join our growing community. As a member, you are required to pay $49.99 US every six (6) months equivalent to $10,000 GYD as a subscription coverage for use of the website and all it entails. FineArt also allows for a commission fee on artwork sold on our website. This commission is set at 30-percent, enabling us to promote our artists online, offline as well as recruiting new or potential buyers. The other 70-percent of monies earned goes entirely to the artist. These fees are put in place to provide you with the best experience and chance for your work to be showcased and recognized on the wider market.

Designed for artists by an artist, creating a profile and displaying your work on is available with enhanced features as per your preferences – style and enhanced visuals. Artists are invited to sign up to become a part of this growing community right here in Guyana.

Barrow-Browne, is a graphic artist, with over fourteen years’ experience in designing, she aspires her work to be of the highest caliber in quality and design. From vector illustration, branding identity, logo design to magazine and website layouts, she aims to transform ideas into masterpieces.

Born and raised here in Guyana, South America, Barrow-Browne said she got her start in the tender youthfulness of high school, where she developed a passion for art. “With the support of both her parents and guardians who she describes as the pillars who pushed her to hone her marketable skills, she began her journey with visual arts at Burrows School of Arts and more so ceramics. Those skills and ideas continually blooming, Sade went on to complete her university studies in those fields of art.”

She told Village Voice News that upon completion of studies, she went on to enjoy a career in Graphic Design. It was through these skills where she became one of three partners at IntellectStorm, a software and creative designing company in Guyana. The leading role of Creative Director quickly became hers as she creatively used her knowledge and skill in raising her repertoire as one of the best in the country.

Her career goal and development continue to incorporate digital art and skills with general Information Communication Technology (ICT), in developing the business community and Guyana at large.

Sade describes her most important roles as a wife and mother to her six-year-old girl and ten-month old son. It is with her family in mind that she continued to foster her dream of creating a specially formulated platform for the realization of artistry on a larger scale. Personally and professionally, she encourages young girls and women to consider careers in ICT, since the demand for skilled workers in the ICT field is high, and needs to be diversified to stop gender stereotypes

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