Systems, Reconciliation, or Theological Construct

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Dear Editor,

I refer to Mr. Alexander’s article, concluding that “Truth, reconciliation, equitable and good governance is the way forward for Guyana” (Village Voice, October 17th, 2021).  On Politics 101 (October 28th, 2021), Dr. Henry Jeffrey advanced the thesis of implementing “systems” before truth and reconciliation solutions can be sought within the Guyanese context, as in the case of South Africa.  One wonders what “systems” is he referring to.  I will argue that for Guyana to see the benefits of “systems,” “truth,” “reconciliation,” and “good governance,” a theological construct against a religious, multi-racial background should be considered.  The politicos speak of Guyana’s unique context; however, the theological context is often missing or not considered.  How can politics mend broken hearts, minds, spirits, etc.?  The one thing – prayer that many are now fighting to take out of schools is the very thing that the contextual multi-racial landscape needs.  How can a constant diet of politics mend a sense of loss, hurt, and rage many feel daily in their homes, communities, and broader society?  My deep prayer to God is to change the current (post-Independence) leaders and old influencers in Guyana on every level filled with anger and corruption as done in St. Lucia, Samoa, Malawi, and Zambia recently.   Why change is needed – history repeats itself daily (baby influencers are growing – the cool-aid is sharing – some of us are not drinking it).

In viewing the nation as closely knit ‘community’ populated with various ethnicities, we (all) have experienced profound losses, hurt, and rage.

Are we living in a culture of denial?  Does the constant diet of ‘bad’ politics mask the denial of loss, hurt, and rage?  Let me say unequivocally that people make politics dirty just ask President Lazarus Chakwera of Malawi who was pastor and head of the Assemblies of God denomination in Malawi for 25 yrs. or the recently-elected President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia who is a Christian serving in Seventh Day Adventist denomination.  I watched a YouTube clip the other day on Thomas Sankara in Burkina Faso.  Former President Sankara was assassinated at age 37.  The story related how Sankara, as an individual, created millions of Sankara’s in the form of little boys.  On the flip side of this, the little boys are now men, and when the then President (Mr. Blaise Compaore) wanted to pass legislation to keep himself in power, the boys to men reacted (badly).  They burned the Parliament and other parts of the capital down in two days – the President resigned quick time.


What is the solution?  The solution lies within the pulpit and pews of the Church (all denominations).   The Church should not only sing “happy songs” but speak truth to power in dealing with loss, hurt, and rage in the nation.  If you need unity, shared governance, reconciliation, and truth, Mr. politicos, please start and/or include the Guyanese theological foundation and context.

Denise Murray

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