Citizens must stand up against self-serving governments

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The time Irfaan Ali takes to write regional and international bodies to complain about the Venezuela government and opposition unconditional united stance in the false claim to the Essequibo he needs to get his house in order to protect and defend the sovereignty of Guyana. Governance of this country is at a standstill not because of Joe Harmon, Leader of the Opposition but because Ali and his People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) regime’s failure to give leadership whilst occupying the Office of President.

It is he who has greater responsibility for protecting the welfare and wellbeing of this nation. Instead of doing that he is seeking to bully persons to recognise him as a bonafide elected person who sits in office without controversy. Not being content with his own ranting they have further enlisted surrogates to propagate this nonsense in various sections of the media.

The Constitution of Guyana mandates engagement between the two on matters such as the appointment of the Chancellor and Chief Justice, and giving meaning to Article 13 through legislation, programmes and policies. Rather than get down to the business of “inclusionary democracy” as prescribed by our political system, all he is doing is throwing childlike temper tantrums, because Harmon doesn’t have to tell him he recognises him. Harmon doesn’t have to tell him anything.

Ali has been anointed President and Harmon was sworn in per constitutional mandate as the Leader of the Opposition after the last election. Harmon sits at the highest level of the decision-making forum in the society, conducting the opposition business. His office is budgeted for and financed from the national coffers. Yet Ali in a comedic role is begging to be recognised. “Off with this nonsense, Irfaan Ali!”


The politics of Guyana has sunk to the nadir. The business of the state and welfare of the people are being held hostage to a big man acting out an attention seeking tantrum. It would be a good lesson when he complains to the external bodies about Venezuela’s united effort in protecting their national interest, were he to be reminded/advised that he too, as the head of his regime, should seek unity as a means of advancing and defending Guyana’s national interest, sovereignty, and promoting development and social cohesion.

This is the problem a nation faces when we have a group of people not fit for governance. The PPP/C has proven, time and time again, that they are not suited for government and should be in opposition where they function as a hostile force, complaining against anything, fighting against everything, and cooperating with nothing. Government requires unselfish leaders, leaders who will put nation above self, and work in the national interest not in the interest of an exclusive cabal.

The PPP’s posture has weakened Guyana and has placed the country into a position where Venezuela is making mileage and capitalising on our government orchestrated destruction of the people. As Ali continues the disgraceful comedy show workers and citizens are catching hell. Guyana people are facing double jeopardy. On one hand there is a raging pandemic and on the other hand a government that is self-destructing.

Prices for basic items have gone up ten folds as wages and salary remain stagnant. Sugar has increased. Milk has increased. Cassava has moved from 3 pounds for $100.00 to 2 pounds for $300.00. The prices for greens have gone up fourfolds. A pound of ginger that sold earlier this year for $250.00 is now selling within the range of $800.00 to $1200.00.

The workers, elderly and vulnerable groups in our midst are facing hard times. People are dying. Children are suffering. Families are starving. But when it is not Ali shouting about wanting recognition it is another set of ministers who want “nack but can’t tek nack back.” They are screaming victims, bringing out a whole set of ghostwriters and political hypocrites to fight their case in the media. This is nonsense!

Rogue members of the Police Force have surfaced again engaging in extrajudicial killings. The extrajudicial killing last Tuesday night of Orin Boston, in Dartmouth on the Essequibo Coast, whilst asleep in bed with his wife is a chilling reminder of Shaka Blair in April 2002, and the bloody era of then president Bharrat Jagdeo when blood washed the streets of Guyana.

Alleged criminals were denied justice; businessmen kept falling to a hail of bullets, assassinated; policemen gunned down in broad daylight; journalist, minister of the government, young university student Yohance Douglass were profiled and gunned down. Young and old, rich and poor; none was safe.

Workers and citizens need no further reminder of the dark days of PPP/C. They will continue to unleash the coercive arm of the state (i.e., police) against Guyana’s sons and daughters and mistreat us unless we take a stand. This nation and many of those who supported this morphing tyrannical regime are regretting faster than we expect it. The people should not have to tolerate cruel, visionless, lawless and self-serving governments.

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