The reopening of schools  

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The semantics of square peg in round hole, like most such cliches, has had an evolutionary journey. In fact, it’s etymology dates back to the 18th century English writer Sydney Smith, whose construct referenced the unusual individualist, unable to fit into a societal niche. However, with the passing of time, it’s semantics has transitioned political, epitomising the cluelessly incompetent politician.


Indeed, the aforementioned square peg idiom, of temperate Britain genesis has metamorphosed to a tropical geographic sphere, with epicentre google-mapped to Freedom House. And from its underbelly, the once enshrouded square peg, not body habitus referenced, was birthed under planetary celestial hoi polloi and sub-planetary celestial Manickchand.

But despite the aforestated, the impetuous deportment of this parliamentarian attests to one with divine gifts at transforming water to wine, which belies her plebeian fons et origo. For the schools she overruns, likely intoxicated with said transformed water, barking canine commands to our teachers-“Covid is the new normal, get used to it.” But counting 600+ Covid deaths and unarmed of in arm WHO- approved vaccines, struggled have they to behold the pariah’s new normal.


Then most inhumanely, of scant regards for the teachers’ aforesaid Covid travails, square peg would unleash unhesitant and mercilessly Taliban beatings on the handcuffed disfavoured Covid vaccine fearfuls. Nonetheless, on this rare occasion of pretentious forward thinking, desperate to whitewash her notorious pass, square peg mandated training in “online teaching” for some 1000 teachers, clueless that the next pandemic is registered 2119, by which time the trained would’ve transitioned. Then brainlessly, she decreed all schools reopen in September, unaware that amongst us is the devilish variant.

Indeed, such variants demand only WHO recommended preparatory works, if children and staff, are to be protected. But thus far, the only preparatory works in our schools are halloween spiders laden with eggs, constructing webs. Unbelievably, there aren’t social distanced hand-washing facilities. No social distanced alcohol-sanitisers. Inadequate school ventilation. No physical separations for classrooms. No operational policies to guide school reopening. No lateral flow kits for staff and student Covid testing, prior to each school-day. Certainly, square peg poorly thought out reopening will surely chalk up yet another PPP failure, while registering multiple Covid breakouts in our schools.

Out of the mouths’ of babes 

Then square peg, most cold-heartedly attempted to hoodwink our long-suffering children with US$95 to incentives enrolment into her GESTURE POLITICS Covid experiment of slogan, “BECAUSE WE CARE.” But the children,17+ months education deprived, found the slogan most insensitive, thus humiliated she was with loud protesting boos and peppery questions.

If PPP cares, with schools closed for 17+ months, why were brothels preferentially reopened? Is this indicative of a policy to introduce prostitution to our curriculum?

If PPP cares, why are Covid infested schools being reopened, placing us at the mercy of the virus?

If PPP cares, why aren’t schools WHO Covid compliant? That would’ve made schools safer, sparing you the ignominy of running around like a headless chicken.

If PPP cares, why can’t we have classes in the PPP WHO Covid complaint brothels, since our schools aren’t?

If PPP cares, why engage in $19,000 gesture politics, with long-suffering children?

If PPP cares, with schools facing premature closures in September, what are the mitigating plans?

If PPP cares, why rush to reopen schools with average monthly Covid deaths of 70 when they were closed last year, when the average monthly deaths were 5?

If PPP cares, and sincere about reopening schools in September, why haven’t you procured lateral flow kits, for students and staff daily testing, to identify and isolate those with Covid?

But square peg was disdainfully unmoved, gesturing her Bishop to sermonise on a PPP garbage Mount.

“In the beginning was square peg and square peg was with God, and square peg is God. For square peg was with God in the beginning and by her hands, all things were created. Hitherto, without square peg nothing was created that wasn’t created. Therewith, by her word square peg shall expunge WHO unspiritual Covid guidance, and speaketh into existence schools’ reopening. Henceforth, with her word, square peg fed the multitude with $19,000. Moreover with said word, square peg shall incandescently exorcise Guyana of Covid and variants, reopening schools without Covid preparatory works. Oh ye of little faith”


And with this cataloguing yet another square peg failure, the quorum gazetted their list of reopening essential services. Strip clubs. Rum shops. Sport-bars. Hotels. Airports. But for poor representation from square peg, schools were deemed non-essential, hence glued. Thus, with schools glued tighter than a cerclage cervix, decisions were wanting on subterfuges for the knowledge deprived poor. But with the quorum without decorum displeased with square peg, the decision was hers to make.

Notwithstanding the opprobrium, square peg ambitiously endeavoured, before which a sign was crayoned across her office, “DO NOT DISTURB. SQUARE PEG AT WORK.” And predictably, the signage reduced the office to loud laughter but square peg wasn’t deterred.Then alarmingly, one cloudy morning, white smoke accompanying loud orgasmic screams, emanated from the direction of square peg’s office, awakening and alerting the Pauper Conclave that her cranial cavity, deprived of cognitive neurones, has creaked to a postulation.

And her postulation, consolidated curriculum, speaks to one year removed from our children’s curriculum, so rather than assessing Grade 6 at Grade 6 competence, it will be assessed at Grade 5 competence. But with such an intellectually constipated idea, square peg was provided time to unclog her cerebrum, fill her stomach and recognise the folly of her proposition. But square peg did neither, as her postulation was instantly decreed.


Therein, a conundrum ensued on who will apprise square peg of her rubbish proposition, but with the teachers Taliban beaten petrified, the fearless Magnifico was designated. For this his introductory remarks- It’s unlikely square peg would’ve heard of Jean Piaget, the Education Theorist, who proffered the framework, constructivism. And constructivism speaks to learners developing new knowledge by building on prior knowledge. Herewith, new information is assimilated into prior knowledge to create new knowledge.

Thus, as each school year feeds into the next, with our children’s academic progression, the knowledge gained in the antecedent years serves as their foundation in creating new knowledge. For instance, if the antecedent year was of spelling mastery then the following year, reading can be instructed. But if the spelling year is remove, attempts at instructing reading will be an excercise in futility.

Therefore, if a school-year is cancelled for our children, an educational roadblock will result, impeding new knowledge acquisition. Hereupon, failure ensues.

Magnifico magic 

Thereafter, the polymath Magnifico, illuminated with recommendations, the square pegs’ knowledge vacuum;

  1. Extend school days, when schools reopen in 2022, by one hour.
  2. Reduce school holidays.
  3. After-school home tutoring for students in difficulties, paid for by the State.
  4. One quality tablets per child, with data to support online education.
  5. Daily lateral flow Covid testing for student and staff.
  6. Clear Covid policies to guide schools.

Verily, the clueless square pegs were all in jaw-dropping awe of Magnifico, nonetheless his tutelage they disregarded which certainly, in the context of schools of bountiful Covid, reopening for political reasons, has unambiguously reaffirm-Of our children PPP careless.

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