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Dear Editor,

Today, I felt a sense of sadness and sorrow on reading of the motion and counter-motions of ‘No Confidence’ by our Government and Opposition.

In normal circumstances, it ought to have been an occasion for mirth and a laughable distraction.

However, because there is so much to gain and so much more to lose, the citizens of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana should put in Parliament, men and women led by purportedly intelligent persons who should not make our Parliament a ‘pappy-show,’ and a chapter fit for best forms of comedy.


It appears that our leaders on both sides of the political divide are consumed with their own forms of narcissism and self-righteousness to the extent that they are either unwilling and tragically unable to analyze and see the broader picture that ought to be obvious to any sane and right thinking leaders.

For example, apart from our known wealth, even the negative things are miniscule when compared to other countries.

When we talk about floods, only a few families, livestock and farms in certain areas are affected.

Over the years, Guyana experienced little loss of human life due to flooding.

Last week in Germany severe flooding has caused several deaths and a hotel had its first three floors inundated.

Because of lack of co-operation and inability for Parliamentarians to engage in a civilised dialogue on and important health issues such as Covid-19, we are yet to reach our target of herd immunity and the death rate keeps rising.

After fifty-five years of Independence, when will we learn that while we squabble, quarrel and shout at each other, we lose the opportunity to benefit from our bounty of mineral, marine and natural resources – each passing day represents opportunities lost.

I appeal to all sides of the political and social divide to put Guyana first.

At the risk of getting myself in hot water again, we must stop behaving like simple school boys.

To do this, those who represent the people in Parliament must know that the old adage of united we stand divided we fall, stands true and relevant.

If our leaders today, do not accept the wisdom of this maxim then our children will stamp our graves and curse us for lost opportunities.

The first step should be a meeting of minds between the PPP and PNC.

The ‘C’ in the PPP is merely cosmetic likewise the ‘R’ of the PNC is equally cosmetic too.

Maybe, only God can help us.

I borrow from the National Song “Hymn for Guyana’s Children,” written by Vere T. Daly and lyrics by Valerie Rodway. – “With humble hearts and heads bowed down, In thanks for each new day of toil, We kneel before Thine altar Lord. The children of Guyana soil.

Great is the task that Thou hast given: Thy will to show, Thy truth to find: To teach ourselves that we are one. In Thy Great Universal mind.”

Hamilton Green

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