An egregious and flagrant misuse of our tax dollars

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Dear Editor,

The residents of La Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara continue to feel aggrieved by the horrendous condition of the main access road into the housing scheme. This three-kilometre road was constructed at a cost of over $600 million in 2014, and has deteriorated rapidly within a few months of being commissioned. Thereafter, frequent and woefully inadequate repairs to an unending plethora of potholes have been effected every few months, with new potholes appearing within days of the old ones being remedied. This has continued in an ad nauseam loop for the last seven years. I estimate that this road has been repaired no less than thirty times with over one hundred and fifty different patches to potholes since its construction. Does this not represent an egregious and flagrant misuse of our precious tax dollars?

Surely, by now, the Ministry of Public Works should have conducted an assessment into the structural integrity of this stretch of road that was purported to be a highway. A current traversal would reveal the horrors that motorists experience daily including inadequate lighting, no reflective markings, non-existent drainage and a gaping pothole that has now spread across the entire width of the road. If you drive on this road at night, you choose to do so at your own peril. Regrettably, many drivers have now been forced to use alternate routes through La Grange and Canal Number One in order to mitigate against potential damage to their vehicles from the use of this road.

La Parfaite Harmonie is one of the largest housing schemes in the country and this situation has become untenable. The residents deserve better and demand better.


Yours sincerely
Edson Grenville
Community activist

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