Few rehired by GuySuco, several laid off since PPP/C returned to office

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Dear Editor,

It seems under this governments, deals are being made. It can be described as a “dealocracy’. It does not seem too many government supporters are concerned about good governance. Integrity has been lacking all around. The person elected by the voters, de jure office holder, does not seem to be exercising power. Number Three is dominating Number one. Or is it vice versa? The de facto President is exercising powers.

The constitution requires the President to be number one citizen. That person must have confidence, authority, and judgment to decide (by consensus or own judgment) on advice given for the best direction. Questions have been raised whether the President is governing for the nation or for himself. The constitution does not allow for the President to be dictated to by a subordinate. Has the President abandoned the constitution? Is it being run like a monarchy?

Are subordinates determining what area they would dominate? Some of the ministers don’t seem fit for their portfolios. Is it payback for loyalty? The President seems to be telling Ministers to go make their heights. The result of that kind of governance is evident in several Ministries. Take a look at what is happening in some ministries – like housing, works, agriculture, natural resources, etc. Are they the right appointments?


People are flooded out almost everywhere. Was there planning for heavy rains? The agriculture sector is almost totally wiped out. Also, the appointment of one at Guysuco seems like a pay back for political work. Competence is thrown out the window. Guysuco has not been moving forward during his tenure. Only a couple hundred workers were called back at Guysuco since the change in government. And several have been laid off over the last three months. Guysuco is not likely to emerge without visionary leadership.

Other government agencies and corporations are facing issues. Look at what is happening at GuyOil, Energy, GWI, and all other government corporations sectors – wheeling and dealing. It looks like Guyana is a ‘theftocracy’ or a ‘dealocracy’.

Yours truly,
Jagnarine K Singh

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