Corentyne woman beaten, choked by ex-lover  

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Twenty-nine-year-old, Reshma Brijbhukan is now fearful for her life after the man she once shared a relationship with physically abused her over the weekend at her home in Port Mourant, Corentyne Berbice.

Brijbhukan said she and the suspect lived together for more than two years but because of his constant abuse she decided to end the relationship. She noted that during a court appearance sometime back, a restraining order was issued for him to stay away from her but the man has since breached that ban. The woman said on the night of the incident she was home with her family when the man called and informed her that he wanted to visit.

“He call and say he’s coming so I told him not to come that he’s drinking and he will make problem and he like make problem when he drunk but he keep saying that he’s coming. So I tell him that I will call my daddy and he turn and tell me to call who I want to call and that nobody, not even the police can stop him”

The woman said by the time she was able to lock her gate and doors, the man had arrived in front of the yard. She noted that he jumped the fence and climbed up into the veranda and gained entry into the house after kicking the door open.


According to Brijbhukan, her bother approached the man and told him that he cannot enter their yard and as such the man became furious and began breaking another one of the glass doors of the house. “My brother tell him that is people house we living in and he can’t come and break up things like that and he said he don’t care because we will pay back for all the damages that he come to do.” Brijbhukan noted that once the man gained entry into the house, he ran towards her and strangled her. She said the man choked her to the point where she felt as though she will not make it out alive.

She said even though her brothers were there, they could not have helped her as the man was enraged, causing them to be fearful for their own life.

“My brother them try to hold him back but he was fighting them off and he keep choking me and pulling my hair and knocking me in my head. They frighten if he had a knife on him and he bore them. He choke me long and he nah loose my neck and then he start beat me and throw me down. When I finally get out of his hand, I run in the room and lock the door and he come behind me and kick open the door and ask me why I running because he come to kill me.”

The woman said the man dealt her several blows to the head and she has since been experiencing severe headaches. “I have to go take X-ray on my head because I getting headaches and when I lay-down my head does beat hard hard inside. I feel something happen to my head because he cuff me in my head a lot”

Eventually, she was able to free herself from the hands of her abuser and hid in a room downstairs. Brijbhukan noted that she was scared that the man will kill her if he finds her hiding. Luckily, he could not get hold of her and she ran out of the house and went to the next door neighbor who rescued her.

“I run out and go straight over the road by the neighbor and I tell them how he beat me up and the lady give me a tissue and tell me to wipe my face because I was bleeding bad. Them neighbor call police and the police come and catch him inside the house and they take him to the station.”

Reshma said she was taken to the Port Mourant hospital by the police for a medical examination on the night of the incident. However, she was not given a copy of that medical report. She noted that it has been over 72 hours and so, the suspect was released from custody. However, she now remains even more fearful as the man was seen walking around the area on Monday afternoon.

According to Brijbhukan, the suspect is expected to make his first court appearance on Thursday at the Whim magistrate’s court. “I just want he get lock up because I am scared. I have to go sleep somewhere else because I frighten he come and kill me because that is hoe intention. He want to murder me.” Injuries Brijbhukan received after she was strangled by her ex-partner. Injuries to her knee after the man slammed her to the ground.

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