Sections of Guyana’s media are working with PPP 

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Dear Editor

I have never met Henry Jeffrey, however, by reading his articles, “Future Notes”, I would regard him as a thinker. I would also say that he is principled. In 2015, he supported Granger. With Granger’s approach to leadership, I believe he joined ANUG hoping to create a balance in the house. During the disputed March 2020 elections, Henry Jeffrey and other Guyanese who took a principled stand that the elections lacked credibility and could not constitute a basis for the formation of Government, have viciously been attacked by individuals like Freddie Kissoon under the editorial protection of Kaieteur News. I would not have viewed this as a well-structured ethnic dominance at play if PPP media organs like Guyana Times, Inews, Newsroom and Chronicle adopted this stance. I would have taken it as part of advancing party politics. However, when Kaieteur Publisher, Glen Lall and Anand Persaud at Stabroek News failed to provide balanced reportage of the events surrounding the 2020 elections fiasco, one is left to conclude that indeed what is afoot in Guyana is a clear attempt by the PPP to create an ethnocracy with the help of the media.

These media house almost on a daily basis publish letters attacking Mingo and other GECOM staff members but not for a single day have they published an editorial or letter questioning the fact that 47 boxes affecting 11, 000 votes and only in PPP strongholds on the East Coast had not a single document supporting those votes. These so-called defenders of democracy have also never questioned why irregularities were only found in areas where PPP won. For example, during the recount, there was an incident in Diamond where polling materials of one polling place were found in the ballot box of another polling station. These have never been questioned.  How could this be possible? That surely can never be an error. Some of us wait to see the ruling of the CCJ on petition 99. While I am not bothered by the positions taken by the OAS, Commonwealth after all these entities exist to serve solely the interests of the West, the way CARICOM, including CCJ handles Guyana’s election matters will determine the viability and existence of the regional body. One PPP parliamentarian referred to the CCJ as their weapon against the APNU+AFC. Many Guyanese believed him.



Tom Linden

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