Delay after Covid infection: Dr Anthony is wrong

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Dear editor,

I’m completely at lost with PPP and their hopeless doctors. It is like literally everyday I have to fact check these cough and cold specialists. How much effort would it have taken for this hopeless lot to undertake a little research before yapping off nonsense?Can’t be that difficult.

Enter for the umpteenth time Dr. Frank Anthony. Someone should honestly break the bad news to this cough and cold specialist that he is poor at his job and should simply step aside. I guess they did but he is the best of the Quintet of Quacks.

The world over persons who were infected with the coronavirus are being advised to delay vaccination for two weeks-3 months. Much longer for those who were treated with monoclonal antibodies. Now, Dr. Frank Anthony has just postulated a new theory, published in the PPP Medical Journal. And this is his theory. The world over has a shortage of vaccines hence those with acquired immunity from infection, are being advised to delay vaccination to facilitate vaccination of those without immunity. Hence the 2weeks-3months recommended delay in every other country of the world, except Guyana. And Dr. Frank Anthony continues. We are special. We have more vaccines than mosquitoes. As a result, no one should delay vaccination after the Covid infection. Dr. Frank Anthony, Guyana is special and so are you. If Guyana has an excess of Covid vaccines, why are we begging the countries with shortages? Further, Dr. Anthony, you recently give a talk on vaccine nationalism where you expressly stated that rich countries bought all the vaccines at the expense of the poor countries. I knew that was a quick google search on your part that you would have quickly forgotten.


Anyway, these are the facts. After a Covid infection our bodies produce antibodies which serve to protect us from future Covid infections. If someone with these raging antibodies is vaccinated then the raging antibodies will neutralise the vaccines making them ineffective. Hence wait 2weeks-3months

Secondly, we are still learning about the virus and it’s infectivity. Advising someone to have the vaccine soon after the Covid infection could potentially expose others to the infection. Hence wait 2 weeks-3months.

Thirdly, vaccines can have side effects. If someone has recently contracted Covid and is immediately vaccinated, it would be impossible to determine if the symptoms are vaccine related or Covid relate. Hence wait 2weeks-3months

The fact is, Dr. Frank Anthony is as clueless as they come. Sensible people should switch off their TV when he appears, to avoid being brain fed foolery.

Dr.Mark Devonish MBBS MSc Med. Ed FRCP(Edin)  FRCP
Consultant Acute Medicine
Nottingham University Hospital

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