Lockdown is not curfew

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Dear editor,

Another day. Another cough and cold doctor has found his voice. And on reading this TNM/PPP mouthpiece sudden concern for Covid, one would be excused in believing that Covid has just landed in Guyana via one of the PPP reopened airports.

But I must query, trying my best to be courteous, where was this cough and cold doctor when PPP was putting lives at risk by reopening everything, apart from school? Weren’t these acts foolish then as they are now? But through all of PPP unscientific decisions, this 5 CXC Cuban trained doctor was playing politics with people’s life, glorifying PPP as the party of scholars.

For hilarious it is to see someone with the label doctor yet conflating lockdown and curfew. Surely the toddlers know that a lockdown, in the context of Covid, is a stay at home order where only essential staff and services are permitted to open. On the other hand, a curfew is a time limited stay at home order. So it is clear, if the masses are already lockdown, then there is no need for a curfew. Further, if they under a curfew they can’t simultaneously be under lockdown. Surely, with the title of doctor this basic of concept should have been known.


But today, I’m not only in the mood for edifying, for interrogation of this doctor’s postulations must be undertaken.

1. Let’s say the clueless Government accept your recommendation for a lockdown, how long should it be and what scientific tools would inform that determination?

2. If the option of lockdown is pursued, what criteria would you use to determine the success of the intervention and reopening of the country?

3. Are there any other interventions, apart from lockdowns and curfews that can impact our Covid crisis?

4. Do you have any theories to explain why after nearly 20% vaccination, people are still dropping like flies?

5. Are you suggesting only lockdowns while leaving the airports and ports opened to provide us regularly supplies of the Covid variants?

Mr. Editor, reading this letter was very much of a challenge. Not only was the grammar poor but the sentence construction and thought communication was bordering on dyslexic. The least Dr. Josh Kanhai could have done, before penning this letter, was to take a nap with a view to have clarity of thoughts. But then again, that would be assuming that he actually had thoughts.


Dr Mark Devonish MBBS MSc. Med. Ed. FRCP(Edin)  FRCP
Consultant Acute Medicine
Nottingham University Hospital

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