People-empowerment main focus of Region 10 chairman 

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Regional Chairman(left) and agro-processors at the Linden Farmers’ Market

By Naomi Marshall 

Regional Chairman of Region 10, Deron Adams said he is focused on empowering the people of the region to take full advantage of its developmental potential.

Region 10 is located within the eastern center of Guyana and is uniquely bordered by all regions except for Regions 1, 2 and 9, making it a sleeping giant in the dome of Guyana’s developmental potential. The Upper Demerara/ Upper Berbice Region is linked to all three of Guyana’s main rivers, the Demerara, Berbice and the Essequibo River, having direct access to the natural wealth of Guyana’s interior, as well as deep water ports which can foster economic growth in the region.

In an exclusive interview with Village Voice News, the newly elected Regional Chairman stated that his vision is to see residents recognising and capitalising on the region’s resources and inherent advantages. During the first six months in office Adams along with his team have been empowering residents through engagements, and making representation for the deliberate, structured and equitable allocation of the region’s resources. He noted, “We want to ensure that all communities and all residents benefit. Because of this, we have been taking ourselves out into the neighborhoods as often as possible, sitting down with those most affected by the unnecessary conflicts that arise as a result of partisan allocation of jobs and the patrimony of the state to which every Guyanese is entitled to.”

Deron Adams, Regional Chairman of Region 10(right) engaging with a resident of Region 10

Meanwhile, in an effort to foster more agricultural activities in the region, Adams and his team of Councilors have identified innovative and progressive endeavours to have sustainable agricultural development in the region. One such initiative is the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) training programme launched in December 2020 which aimed at boosting youth interest in the agriculture sector and creating advocates in agriculture using ICT, artificial intelligence and e-agriculture.


Another such event is the Linden Farmers Market which is hosted under the theme,” “Grow local, buy local, consume local”. The initiative has provided over 60 farmers and agro-processors with the opportunity to showcase and sell some of their products at the Wismar Market Square. According to Adams, “The time is now for us as policymakers to enable the environment for our farmers so that they are afforded access to new opportunities and training in the use of innovative communication and control systems.”

Additionally, the Chairman has been committed to education and enabling students access to information during the COVID-19 pandemic. Adams has supported organisations like the ‘Good News Clubs’ through funding the tablets given to students under the initiative “Triumph Through Technology Investment for Educational Advancement”.

His vision is one where equitable access to teachers, supplies, technology and an empowering environment is available to every student. “This is truly where the greatest impact of any vision will be felt, in the nurturing of the potential of our children to pick up where we will inevitably leave off and make whatever we leave better, greater, and improved,” Adams said.

Scene from a visit to the River’s View community

Furthermore, the Region’s Administrative Committee have been re-activated to coordinate policy decisions among agencies, local government and business leaders, to facilitate greater efficiency at delivering and enabling environment for the successful management of the communities.

The Regional Chairman told Village Voice News that the RDC will continue to work diligently towards ensuring that the required submissions for inclusion in the budget represents the people and their needs, and are provided to the Regional Administration promptly.

“We will continue to resist all attempts to have the development of Region 10 determined from a distance and without consultation with our residents, and will fight to ensure that local governance is not given lip service, but that the democratically elected representatives of the people are allowed to govern as per the mandate given to them by the people of Region 10,” he said. Adams highlighted that over the past five years, some efforts were placed on several projects within the region, including the Linden to Lethem road, the construction of a new Mackenzie / Wismar bridge, expansion of the wharf at Dallawalla in the Demerara River and the farm to market road from Millie’s Hideout.

“It is my hope that we can continue to build on the success that we have achieved over the past 5 years and that we can pioneer and coordinate the development, funding and implementation of regional and special development projects that are integral to the development of Region 10,” he added.

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