A few polite questions for Dr. Frank Anthony 

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Dear editor,

Any information as to when Dr. Frank Anthony will be testing again for the Brazil variant? The Russian trained doctor last tested ten random persons from Pradoville for which PPP were all covered in expensive champagne celebrating that the Brazilian variant is not here. In my state of foolery, I assumed the good doctor meant Guyana but in actually he was quite explicit that he meant Pradoville. By the way, do you know the Brazilian variant made it all the way to the UK? There are 380 cases and counting in the amazon bank as the anxious British employed Alfred Hitchcock to investigate every cough. It is either PPP are doing something special or they themselves are special in believing the Brazilian variant has not penetrated our gaping borders.

And by the way, is he aware of the fact that all fools day is on April 1st and not March 1st. For yesterday in Parliament, in his state of confusion and surely mistaken on his dates, he argued that PPP will turnaround the health sector that was so badly damaged under the APNC+AFC. Certainly, the very term ‘turnaround ‘was used for the Sugar Industry, that they slow poisoned for 23yrs. Now despite their foolishly valiant efforts the sugar industry is still pulseless, apneic and unresponsive after billions in financial stimuli. A failed turnaround process, I daresay.

But we must stay focus. We can’t allow ourselves to be distracted by another of PPP Deaf Comedy Jam stand-up. Therefore, I do wonder whether the Right and Honourable doctor can provide the matrix and variables he used in determining that APNU+AFC damaged the health sector? If the good doctor could only do so then I will be more than happy to provide a rebuttal in a few column inches.


Mr. Editor shall we talk Covid, the elephant in the room. I do wonder if Dr. Anthony can clarify if those nearly 180 families who had their lives turnaround by the unnecessary Covid deaths of their love ones, were the first set of beneficiaries of PPP health sector turnaround process?

Finally, thanks a million Mr. editor for publishing an article of another promise of 200,000 Covid vaccines to be deposited into the PPP begging bowl. But Mr. editor, Dr. Frank Anthony was very tight lipped on the names of the vaccines. Surely, this could not have been intentional by the de facto Minister of Health. Certainly, he is not developing the non-transparent qualities of the Indian Covaxin and Chinese Sinopharm vaccines manufacturers.

Dr.Mark Devonish MBBS MSc Med. Ed FRCP(Edin) FRCP
Consultant Acute Medicine
Nottingham University Hospital

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