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We saw but didn’t see. We looked but didn’t look. We looked more but saw less. We listened but didn’t listen. So look we aborted. Listen we abandoned. But she came. She saw. She conquered our eyes. Reopened our eyes to what we looked. But didn’t see. For what her eyes betrayed. Her accent revealed. Conceived in the UK. In the Northeast of England. In the County of Durham. Then a calling. A calling from the land of stars and stripes. A calling she did answer. A cupid call. A career call. For beyond scholarly is this right and honourable lady. Harvard halls she graced. Masters and Phd her reward. Impressive to one. Impressive to all. Impressive to America. Foreign Affairs Specialist and Academic. Specialist in European and Russian affairs. Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution.
The love affair

He came to power by the ballot. Not loved by many. But love by many. For he is brash. Very brash. Insensitive. Lacking in empathy. Racist. Very racist. Islamophobic. Xenophobic. Misogynist. Bigoted. Barren in tact. Barren in diplomacy. But heavily pregnant with conspiracies. Very heavily pregnant with dangerous conspiracies. Not Presidential. Far from it. America first he boasts.Take back our country he demands. Take it back from anyone not White. And for this his disciples love him. And he love them. But romance was in stone. For duplicitous he is. But this we didn’t see even though we looked.

Trump Power grab for the Judiciary 


The gaping holes.The gaps.The vacancies in the Judiciary. Vacancies created by tying Obama’s hands. Judicial appointments tied up in the Republican senate. And those vacancies he rushed to fill. Everyone of them. Over 200 Federal Judges. All appointees White. All  appointees conservatives. All appointees expected to pledge allegiance to him. Then assuredly the Judicial hierarchy he ascended.The Supreme Court. Three Judges he appointed. All White. All conservatives. Allegiance to him.

Trump control his Cabinet

For his cabinet. Each one the Emperor in new clothes scrutinised. Not once. Not twice. But perpetually. Once appointed. Allegiance to him. Any flagging. Surely fired. For here were Fred’s dark motives. Control Government. All levels. Must be occupied by his loyalist. Allegiance! Allegiance! Allegiance! You are with me or you were with me.

Trump power grab for Law enforcement

Black Lives Matter. All lives matter. But it isn’t all. If it isn’t one. For Black lives are dispensable. Police executions in the streets. In their beds. In Parks. In their cars while asleep. Guns. Knee on neck. Can’t breathe. Because Black. Bullets. In the chest. In the back. In the head. All unarmed. None unharmed. But then. Enough became enough. Black Lives Matter was birthed. Speak out. Speak up. But the President bigoted eyes saw their skins. Not their painful stories. The one who took the knee was vilified. The one who took life with knee venerated. For the murderous police he praised. He exalted. He supported. For he wanted them on his side. He wanted their allegiance. And he got it.

Trump power grab for the election machinery

For Covid flooded America streets. Ballot boxes masked in polling stations. Barbarous Covid must be avoided.The postal route became the safest route. The Democrats route. But Trump instructed his MAGA maniacs to avoid the path of the Dems. For a conniving plan he conspired. Appointed his minion as Post Master General. Louis De Joy. Republican. Staunch Republican. Mesmerised him with candescent instructions. Delay postal voting.Utilise all tricks. Legal and illegal. Suppress Democrats votes. Millions. Many millions. And that was done. But that did fail

MAGA maniacs

His supporters- some of them. Donald’s special group. Donald’s dullards. Easily manipulated. Easily brainwashed. Halfwits. To us he’s a demagogue. And that he capitalised. He fed their prejudices. Fed them until they were bloated. Then their obese prejudices. Fed his prejudices. Make America Great Again. We must take back our country. Make America White Again. We will build a wall. A wall to keep out rapist Mexicans. We will deport the non-white immigrants. For the MAGA gang love their whiteness. And their whiteness Trump loves. And for that they were entangled in his nefarious web. And with that they were weaponised. And with that they were used to control the Republican legislators.

Trump power grab for the legislature

The Senators. Congressmen. Congresswomen. Arrived with a mission. But amongst them.The Lovers of Trump. Six. Six. Six. Lindsey Graham. Jim Jordan. Kevin McCarthy.Ted Cruz. Josh Hawley. Matt Gaettz. For their instructions were elementary. Seize the legislature. Interrupt the election certification. Order Objectionable objections. But this MAGA siege was both within and without. For as the Congressional Insurrectionist delayed. And tried to deny. Trump thugs break in. Broke into the Capitol Building. Mission. Seize the stealing legislators. Stop the steal. Seize the Vice President. Gallows and noose at ready. Seize the Congress. Seize the legislature. Render them powerless. Deliver Neo-America to the Insurrectionist in Chief.

Dr. Fiona Hill.

You know her. We know her. First impeachment she testified. Impressive. Her oratory skills. Her knowledge. Her confidence. She sank him like the titanic. But the Republicans resurfaced him. Repaired his bruised ego. Then set him free. But determine she was. Schwarzenegger. I’ll be back. And back she came. On CNN. Impeachment-2. Which I did see. I did listen. I did learn. As she spoke of autocoup. AUTOCOUP! For an autocoup is a form of coup de’ tat. Where a Leader who gained power legally. Renders the legislature powerless. And takes control of critical Government Institutions. For which extraordinary power is gained unlawfully.

Donald Trump exposed

We saw him as a buffoon. We saw him as unethical. We saw him as unread. We saw him as unintellectual. We saw him as crude. We saw him as an admirer of dictators. We underestimated him. And we paid a heavy price. For this side of him we failed to see. We looked but didn’t see. For our eyes were in the wrong places. For the Judges were appointed to do his bidding. His aim was to have their control. Law enforcement under his control. The election machinery under his control. The legislature under his control. Red dots connected. Cicerone Dr. Fiona Hill. Conceived in the United Kingdom.The supposed bastion of all wisdom. A child of Great Britain. A product of the Northeast. A progeny of County Durham.


And in front of our very eyes. Trump set himself up to gain control of the legislature.Trump set himself up to gain control of the Judiciary. Trump set himself up to gain control of law enforcement. Trump set himself up to gain control of the election machinery. Now we see. What we saw but didn’t see. What we looked but didn’t look. What we listened but didn’t listen. What was evidence but not evident. For we attached many labels to Trump. But none of us labelled him an Insurrectionist Leader.For as we looked. On January 6. In front of our very eyes. In front of your eyes. In front of my eyes. We witnessed the culmination of an autocoup. A failed autocoup.

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