PPP using taxpayers money to distort facts, keep them in power

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Dear Editor

The Demerara waves has published the following “Guyana hires US lobby firm to focus on business, democracy, regional stability”.
The PPP is using the taxpayers’ money to pay for a lobbying firm to keep them in power and distort facts to the US lawmakers. They are repeating what was done during the election. They got a lobbying firm Mercury Public Affairs to feed misinformation to the republicans who then terrorize GECOM and the Granger Administration. Even Kaieteur News knew that Mercury Public Affairs is a dirty political trickster. KN wrote “PPP wants clean elections, but hires US firm linked to tampering ” ( https://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2019/04/18/ppp-wants-clean-elections-but-hires-us-firm-linked-to-tampering/  Apr 18, 2019, Jan 14, 2021)

They also convinced the likes of Mia Mottley, Sarah Lynch, and Ralph Gonzales to put pressure on Granger. One writer said that these people are stellar personalities because they were involved in government. He also stated that some were prime ministers and therefore have credibility. I have a question. How many politicians are credible and honest? Only fools would think that politicians are credible and honest. They tell opposite tales in a 24-hour period. Most of them are self-serving corrupted personalities. I am an educator. How would students respond to me if I change my stories daily? The parents will run me from the school and my teacher’s licence would be revoked.
Take Trump for example. He is the president of the most powerful country in the world at present. Please check the news. They are saying that “when you discipline your kids about lying, you must use Trump as an example of what happens”. He told more lies in four years than all the lawmakers in the DC combined. You must remember that lawmakers are also liars.

The new firm that they hired is called The Cormac Group LLC. The Cormac Group LLC mission statement is “Founded March 2001, The Cormac Group is a bi-partisan strategic consulting and lobbying firm. We are dedicated to providing clients an understanding of the governmental decision-making process while designing and implementing strategies that advance their goals.” (http://www.thecormacgroup.com/mission/ Jan 14, 2021). Now let me put that doublespeak into ordinary language. “We will get the lawmakers in Washington to do whatever you want for the right price.”  Lobbying is how the American government makes bribery and corruption legal.
Now, why does the PPP need a new lobbying firm? Didn’t they already have one called Mercury public Affairs? I will tell you. Mercury Public Affairs was Trump’s lobbying firm. Trump is damaged goods. Mercury Public Affairs cannot get close to the Biden administration. So, the PPP buys another lobbying firm that could access the Biden government and democratic lawmakers. They are looking for a way to influence the petition by using threats. The call of “step aside” will now be changed to “dismiss the petition”.  I do not think that they would be successful. Biden and his people are not idiots like the backward Trump regime. They would want facts and not just praise. This is what occurred to Pompeo (the powerful “step aside” person). “U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo canceled his Europe trip at the last minute on Tuesday after Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister and top European Union officials declined to meet him, European diplomats and other people familiar with the matter said.” (https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-pompeo-cancels-europe-trip-after-luxembourg-minister-eu-officials/ Jan 12, 2021, Jan 14, 2021). The world knows that he is a criminal. He is the one who gave the Guyana Government to the PPP. It is a shame.
Now, why do I care? Firstly, the petition must not be tampered with. Let the election be like it was in the USA. It is considered the most secure in US history. I want the PPP to tell me if the Guyana 2020 election could be considered secured much less fair. If it were secured, why are there missing statutory documents from 47 ballot boxes?


Secondly, the money from the consolidated fund (the Guyanese people’s money) is being spent. Where is the outrage from the media? There is none. They are organs of the PPP, so they are blind. They are paying $25,000 US per month for 6 months. That is $150,000 US in total. Let me remind the government that people are dying from Covid-19. Let me inform the PPP that AstraZeneca’s vaccine is being sold to third world countries for $3 US a dose. That means that you can buy 50,000 doses enough for 25,000 persons to get full protection. That is enough for about three medium-sized villages or 25% of central Georgetown’s population.

In conclusion, the PPP is taking the peoples’ money to buy political influence while letting the people die from covid-19. They spend money foolishly and then they would beg for vaccines. This is in keeping with what some CARICOM leaders called Jagdeo some time ago “the international beggar”.


E.O. Cromwell

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