PPP has failed on five fronts thus far  

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As a kid, I was overly confident for my years. My self-confidence was just there for all to see, overflowing like the lava from an erupting volcano. But ever so often my aunt would reign me in. Her method was predictably effortless- A troubling task hurled my way.

But despite its uncomplicated nature, my failure was as certain as the inseparable union between the shadow and its creature. And today, these formative experiences have gone a long way in informing my life principles. Further, these formative experiences have neutralised my natural human instincts to be critical or bring condemnation to my fellow beings without ever being in their shoes for a one mile saunter. Regrettably, these experiences alluded to, were never the building blocks of the formative years character development, for those who count themselves subsets of this PPP illegitimate Government. Sadly, it is the Guyanese populace that has to live and die with the consequences of these deficiencies, where deaths and suffering are becoming all too common

Moreover, it is these formative years experiences that brought me to the undeniable conclusion that Mr. David Granger, our former President likely became painfully disgusted with the complaints of PPP when they were in their rightful place of Opposition. And this I very much suspect, not dissimilar to my aunt, Mr. Granger provided them the task of running the country for an abbreviated period, confident that it will be truncated by the Election Petition. PPP, with the energetic excitement and underdeveloped brain of a toddler, seized this power through the backdoor, blinded to the elephant trap with Mr. Granger’s tasks in their back pockets. And so it was, on day 1, the examination began and their ineptitude started bubbling over like shaken carbonated drinks.



By the time the PPP gained power, the APNU+AFC government had flattened the COVID curve which was evident by the end of July where there was a one week period devoid of COVID related deaths or cases. In five months Guyana had 420 cases and 20 deaths, under the APNU+AFC watch. These equate to 21 cases/week and 1 death/week. PPP and their apologists look at the statistics and were screaming incompetence from the Freedom House roof top. As a result, they were provided multiple opportunities to prove their worth. And these are the ghastly statistics. 3,600 cases and 100 deaths, in 11 weeks. These equate to 327 cases/week and 9 deaths/ week. Along with these dire statistics are the unreported statistics of an ICU that is overflowing with patients, being kept alive by ventilators. The contrast between APNU+AFC and PPP Covid management is stark. These statistics are a reflection of the clueless government that is out of its depth. To compound matters, it is painfully obvious that the Minister of Health has been clearly thrown in the deep end. But I must give credit to the PPP for sending rescue on recognising that the beleaguered doctor was drowning. Sadly, the threesome sent to answer the SOS call are equally incapable.


Four young men were murdered which were likely politically and racially motivated. Tensions in the community are understandably mercury level high. Roads and parapets are being pounded by the feet of angry protestors. Situations like these are precarious requiring wise and empathetic leadership. The Commander in Chief as leader would recognise that he is carrying the pain of the Nation while simultaneously being consoler in chief. A Commander in Chief would recognise that his words matter. The wrong words uttered and the situation can escalate. Then President Irfaan Ali labelled the protesters as rapist and terrorist. How could such words heal? How could such words unite? How could such words demonstrate empathy? They never did. Mrs. Volda Lawrence had to calm the seas. The murders are likely to go unsolved, adding to the over 1400 on the PPP record. Assessment report:


Guyana had experienced a five months record election impasse. As a result, the country is divided, along racial lines. Unsavoury words were exchanged across the political divide. Tensions are high. The country is fractured. The country needed to be healed.  Whichever political party with the inevitable task of governing during this period must have unity as the number one priority. This was Unsurprisingly beyond PPP. The government, on day 1, started a campaign of persecuting Afro-Guyanese. Hundreds had their contracts terminated without due process. Many were robbed of their freedom over trumped up political charges. Many denied their rights as they were robbed of their freedom


PPP were in power for 23 years from 1992-2015. During that period there housing policy was non-existent. Housing lots were allocated based on party affiliation. The sad reality is that large sections of the society were without a home of their own. This is unforgivable for a country of 83,000 square miles and population of 750,000. It is because of this discriminatory housing practises and the abundance of land that people were forced to squat. Squatting became a systemic problem that stemmed from the PPP 23 failed years. APNU+AFC had approximately 3 years to address this problem but it was impossible to reverse the 23 years damage in 3 years. As a result, the squatting in Success should be viewed in this context and should not have been a surprise to PPP. A government of the people would have recognised this and taken an empathetic approach to addressing it. PPP flooding the homes of these squatters is inhumane and an excruciating painful reminder of what our ancestors experienced, post-emancipation. In a country that is divided, this will do little to foster unity.


Unless the illegitimate Minister of Tourism was living under a rock, she must have been aware of the recent dual citizen case, as it relates to Member of Parliament. PPP being very much involved in said cases, where many of their MPs had to renounce their foreign citizenship, can’t feign ignorance. The constitution is clear. One cannot hold the office of MP while being a dual citizen. Further, to hold any Ministerial position, technocrat or selected, said individual must be eligible to be an MP. Therefore, no Minister of Government can be dual citizen. Mrs. Waldron is a trained lawyer and unless she was packing supermarket shelves in America, she should have been up to date with the law. Likewise, PPP cannot make any excuses over this whole saga. As a matter of fact they should take complete responsibility. Assessment report: “Failure. Can’t manage their own internal affairs hence unlikely be able to manage yours. So, here we have it. In the space of a little over two months, PPP had five major test and spectacularly failed all. Sadly, it is the average Guyanese who have to live with the consequences of this failure. But there is light at the end of the very dark tunnel.

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