Shock and disbelief over discontinuation of charge against Nirvan Singh

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With disbelief I read that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has written withdrawing the case against Attorney Nirvan Singh, an Indo-Guyanese accused for calling an Afro-Guyanese Policewoman a black monkey and other unacceptable banalities.

Am I to assume the complicity of high government officials by their silence with this matter of great public concern, for they say silence in some circumstances gives or implies consent.

Dear Editor, is someone deliberately attempting to provoke Afro-Guyanese to take things into their own hands?


We saw a relative of the two Henry’s cousins who were tortured seeking his own justice, not satisfied  with the Police and DPP action in this matter. When I learnt of this I was furious, having earlier in the day having a long discussion with an Indo-Guyanese businessman about what we must do to ensure that the two major groups, Afro and Indo Guyanese work harmoniously with love to bring lasting peace to our fractured country and society.

I call on both President Ali and the Leader of the Opposition to make public statements on this worrisome matter. This is not a matter for long drawn out court proceedings. Do some people really want peace or they want conflict? I also call upon the many decent and fair-minded Indo-Guyanese and the Portuguese Advisors in the Government to break their silence. For me, I want peace but is it possible when a particular group can be tortured, insulted and appear to have the protection of the powers that be.


Hamilton Green


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