A morbid fear of a Specialist Register

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This will be excruciatingly provocative, for the hereinafter chronicled experiences, could’ve been yours or a beloved. Where the vexing questions ensuing, are certainly meant to stir emotions, or spill Sunday morning coffees.


For it’s like this. The way it has always been. You work tirelessly. Make sacrifices. Not body on crucifix sacrifice. But sacrifices nonetheless. That’s mortgage related. And property ladder positioning. Now a contractor you need. And a contractor you got. Who built. And built. And built. After which the winds came. And blew your house away. For fake is the contractor. A quack. A masquerader. Notwithstanding, the Banks. Anticipate the mortgage repay. For they will get what’s theirs. Or take what’s yours.

Criminal contractor 


Now hopeless you’re. For hope was evicted. So the police you sought. But advised you were. If it isn’t criminal. It isn’t theirs. Thus the Courts courted. Judges humoured. For their backlog is taller than the capital’s garbage. Hopelessly hopeless, you sought the Guyana Contractor Association. But eye opening it was. For the contractors regulate themselves. Regulatory robbers. Delivering depression. But reassured you were. You have hope. You have life. But for how long?

Cremation or coronaries?

Inevitably the stresses of the winded dream took it’s toll. For no spring chicken you are. Far from fit as a butcher’s dog. For your blood is with sugar. Diabetes! Cloudy as a winter’s day. High cholesterol! Arteries pressured. Hypertension! Coronaries lumen pinpoint. Coronary Artery Disease!

And it’s on this backdrop you were awaken by excruciating chest pain. Sweating like a politician in church. Vomiting like you’re with child. This surely isn’t heartburn. This is the real deal. Your heart is under attack. Hospital now, or you’ll be facing the roof of a church. To the rendition, “Amazing Grace.” Surely not a sweet sound.

Entered the doctor. Well dressed. Well spoken. And well paid. Interventional Cardiologist the whispers. Stents the recommendation. Fees US$10,000. Life surely ain’t cheap. Neither is divorce. Then the maths. Cremation over coronaries. Loved ones stepped up. One sold his kidney. Another his blood. Daughter a surrogate. Son tried his hand as a sperm donor. Pun intended. For this Interventional Cardiologist isn’t into higher purchase. Cash before cannulation.

Then three days counted, and pocket bulging, needle cannulated artery. Delivering an excruciating chest pain. And the doctor’s facies of worry. Thus, the nurses held the fort. As he held the phone. And this overheard. Coronary Artery Dissection. Thereafter, an angry voice. Our cardiothoracic unit, is for our patients. Now the accusation. You knew. Yes you knew. Without cardiothoracic backup, you are playing Russian Roulette with patients’ lives. And your US$10,000?- An expensive 2019 ticket to the crematorium.

Guyana Masqueraders Council 

Thus a mouthful of lies. And a handful of images. Perfect PCI! Implication. Death wasn’t by his hands. But this. Said images were appraised in London. Eyebrows are still raised! Eventually a QC alumnus. The daughter. Once under my tutelage. Of London NHS. Astutely queried. If PCI perfect. Why is she dead? Unanswered! And of complications? Zero after thousands. Another Pinocchio lie. For internationally it’s far higher. Why the procedure without cardiothoracic backup? Silence! Money?

Thus litigation pursued. Case will be heard when hell freezes over, for the doctor is with influential friends. So the Medical Council Palace you entered but shockingly the doctor occupies the throne. Doctors investigating themselves. Then GPL type shocking news sparked your inbox. The Interventional Cardiologist is a masquerader. Fake. Another masquerading doctor, sending an unsuspecting patient, to a premature deep freeze. Stealing. Cash. Home. Inspiration. CHI. Thus the reason, Specialist are regulated, the world over. A Specialist Register.

Another death 

For this we know, inaction on the Specialist Register is intentionally, to keep the public in the dark. And for this reason. Dr. Walter Ramsahoye came. Saw. Spoke. Tried. Thus vilified. RIP.

Now another one. Not Dj Khaled related. Of year 2014. And slaughterhouse. A private hospital. Where three masquerading doctors. One masqueraded as an Internist. Two as Surgeons. Took life. Delivered death. To an unsuspecting sexagenarian with abdominal pain. Post Mortem. Perforated colon and diaphragm. Abdomen and chest of pus and blood.

Thus, the Guyana Medical Council no-nonsense Chairwoman demanded a root branch investigation. Roots unhappy. Obstructed. Political inference. Intimidation. Sending the clear message. Who’s not rooting for the roots will be rooted out. So fearful for life and limb. Exit to Trinidad was impromptu. But determination was undying. As investigation lived. Resuscitated with an independent perspective. Professor Shamir O Cawich. A Hepatico-pancreatico-biliary Surgeon. A damning report;

1. “I recommend that Drxxxx and Dr.xxx should face appropriate disciplinary action.

2. The Standards Unit at the Ministry of Health needs to send teams of assessors to all health facilities to inspect processes and adherence to protocols.

3. The Medical Council, along with the Ministry of Health and other partners should assist hospitals to strengthen their due diligence, credentials and privileges committee

4. There is urgent need for creation and publication of the Specialist Register as requested by CAMC. The public has a right to information about Physicians’ expertise in particular area.

5. It’s time for the Caribbean to emulate USA which requires physicians to undergo periodic examination in order to maintain their Board Certification. I propose that we ask CAMC to create and execute refresher examination for general physicians and specialist. This aims to ensure that physicians updated in their speciality.”

But registered 8yrs, the recommendations are still buried. Gathering dust, dirt and disdain. Thus, the masqueraders we further explore. Those who having undertaken a written masters, faking specialist. Those who having pursued fellowship in America, Britain or Canada, transitioned bogus specialists. Those trainee masqueraders, trained by masqueraders, to become masqueraders. For lives are at risk, when they undertake clinical practise, unqualified to do. And when patients are inevitably harm, such never see the light of day, for masqueraders cover for masqueraders.

Masqueraders luminol 

But here’s the thing. The world over, on completion of specialist training, the doctor’s portfolio is scrutinised by a Specialist Recommendation Board. And if approved, the doctor is added to the Specialist Register, then provided a Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training(CCST). Thus this recommendation. The wheel we needn’t reinvent, for if they’re specialist, then certification they must provide.

Now the truth. Their Specialist Register inaction is intentional. And deadly. For these aren’t fake carpenters. Fake painters. Fake plumbers. Who can take money. For these are fake Specialists, who could take all. Money and life. Thus, this public advice. All who purport to be specialist. Must be certification challenged. For this is the time to act. Or you maybe next!


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