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For this we know, the pre-adulthood remains a consequential, foundational and irreplaceable phase, in a child’s formative development. As a result, critical it’s that children are afforded, uninterrupted and diverse learning experiences to foster cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Thus, vital it’s that policy makers remain steadfastly cognisant of the far-reaching nature of these developmental milestones, and their concomitant mutualism to schools.

The fact is, we haven’t and shouldn’t apportion blame on PPP, for this pandemic. But having said that, the same can’t be said of their complete incompetence, arrogant disposition and failure to recognise the limits of their knowledge. With Priya Manickchand, most certainly the epitome, reflected in her blindingly misplaced belief that she was God sent to single-handedly remedy the PPP orchestrated quandaries, in the education sector. But Manickchand isn’t the solitary cognitive aberration in PPP, for unfortunately way to many occupy Ministerial Offices, which certainly calls for genomic sequencing to exclude hereditary incestuous maladies.

Consolidated Curriculum

For obvious it’s, our children’s formative years isn’t only limited in a fixed time, but also burdened by an education deficit, down to PPP irrational and protracted closure of schools. In fact, this education deficit can be analogised to a bank loan, repayable in a fixed period. Such that, in the event of missed repayments, a deficit results, only remediable with increased monthly installments, highlighting that a deficit requires more and not less.


But unforgivable it’s, PPP reopened schools last, after a period of two years, thus creating an education deficit developed, necessitating more class-hours, if it were to be remedied. But despite this being most logical, the clueless PPP remained obstinate that Consolidated Curriculum, which provides less class-hours, is the solution.

In fact, these columns have been postulating ad nauseam the limitations of Consolidate Curriculum, in addressing our children’s education deficit. But Priya Manickchand, the pantheon of buffoonery, repeatedly dismissed this sound advice. And like if that wasn’t enough, PPP then dug themselves a deeper cretinous hole, in proffering Television Teaching, without considering the logistics. Nevertheless, Manickchand’s subsequent hogwash was most predictable and untimely, as she foolishly argued that Television Teaching will be a grand success, for a consistent electricity supply, she can assure.

Thus faced with such brainless policies, these columns in August 2021 articulated the thereunder alternatives to Consolidated Curriculum.

1. Extend school days, when schools reopen in 2022, by one hour.

2. Reduce school holidays.

3. After-school home tutoring for students in difficulties, paid for by the State.

4. One quality tablets per child, with data to support online education.

For obvious it’s, these proposed recommendations proffer the education deficit remedy be delivered over an extended period, rather than crammed in one go. And this the rational, remedying this education deficit, crammed in a short period, is certain to be too demanding for our children, hence will fail.

But Manickchand, likely intoxicated with unadulterated commonsense absorbent, has now belatedly modify these columns’ recommendations, in proposing a complete cancelation of summer holidays. In effect, lock our children in schools for two months, to overload their brains with information.

Excess deaths

The fact is, PPP remain synonymous with crisis, hence unsurprising it’s, innumerable crises we’ve seen from their pandemic mismanagement. In fact, with such infinite crises, it was always likely that PPP would conceal Covid bodies. Nevertheless, such was preempted by these columns, hence raising awareness of excess deaths in August 2021, of the thereunder snippet.

“Excess deaths is the difference between observed deaths and expected deaths, in a defined time period. It represents the number of people who died, that wouldn’t have normally expected to. For some Covid deaths maybe unintentionally assigned the wrong cause, thus tracking all deaths, can inform whether excess deaths observed, were due to underreported.

Thus, for its calculation, all deaths in the years of Covid are first totalled. This is then subtracted from total deaths in a similar period, predating Covid. Such that, if the years 2018 and 2019, predating Covid, registered 100 deaths, and the years 2020 and 2021 of Covid, registering 500 deaths, then the excess deaths is 400, which are likely Covid related. And for this reason, PPP should’ve undertaken excess deaths analysis to ascertain the true burden of our Covid fatality. But extracting such critical data, to inform public health policy, isn’t their priority, since politicising Covid is paramount.”

Nonetheless, excess deaths was likely forgotten, until the recent the WHO raised concerns on it, reminding of PPP likely methodology in underestimate Covid-19 deaths. Nevertheless, many associated with PPP, would misrepresent these medical data, for the purposes of disinformation. And one such PPP apologist is Ellis Dee, who recently infiltrated the Stabroek News letter column, with this most laughable caption; “The remarkable Covid-19 graphics.” Of which the details you’ll be saved, albeit obvious it was, a smokescreen Rambo mission was his, as he blindly proffered deification of Dr. Frank Anthony. But being cognisant of his tunnel vision, reminded he was that the numbers, not even inclusive of excess deaths, underpinning his deification of Saint Frank, are counted among the worst in the Caribbean.

Nonetheless, the PPP inexplicable and unscientific Covid numbers remain a concern to us but moreso the Americans. For our eyes hath seen superior Covid vaccines, vaccinating the arms of the Americans, Europeans, Canadians etc, yet Covid-19 cases and deaths, they still register. Thus, in this context, PAHO announcement that PPP Guyana has one of the lowest vaccine uptakes in the Region, was certainly food for thought. For the reality is, low vaccination rates weren’t the only concern, but also poor quality WHO unapproved vaccines. Thus inexplicable it’s, PPP phenomena of dramatic decreases in registered deaths, hospitalisations and infections. As a result, the Gods we beseeched, praying for answers.

1. Lord Shiva, we’re with minimal approved vaccines in arms, yet we’ve minimal infections and hospitalisations, along with no deaths. How could this be?

2. Jesus Christ, our eyes hath seen speeding minibuses took minutes to come to a stop, yet PPP speeding Covid deaths decelerated from 100 to zero in an instant. How could this be?

3. Allah, face mask, social distancing or other public health measures are foreign to us, yet Covid we never see. How could this be?

4. Hail Selassie, we know not of boosters, yet Covid remain distant. How could this be?

And recognising our disconcertment, the Gods reminded of these column’s recommendation, that PPP make public excess deaths statistics. For these columns postulation then and now is, PPP excess death statistics are hiding thousands of Covid deaths. Thousands of Covid deaths that may find their way unto the voters’ list.

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