Let us first rightfully place our demands in the House before demanding justice in the streets

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Dear Editor,

Aubrey C Norton has just entered Parliament and assumed the important and challenging office of Leader of the Opposition.

I must say that his very early days in Parliament gives me and should give our supporters a huge measure of confidence. Yet, the few naysayers are at their wicked and conniving best as they were when they executed their plot to see him not become Leader and Chairman of the PNCR and also Leader of the Opposition. They now sit on their opinion shaping benches trying to create doubt in our supporters and the Guyanese people minds.

One of the foremost haters of the new PNCR is now saying that we have had one ‘statement and press conference’ opposition leader and now we have the same in Norton. Though, I fully understand the place where such bile is coming from in relation to that utterance, I look further to see how scheming and conniving some can be, though I am not surprised.


The Leader of the Opposition is moving in the right direction and with the right speed. He is a politician with gumption. He is a shrewd leader. What he is doing today is solidifying his place in the House as a national leader to be reckoned with; he is ensuring that the nation’s problems and concerns are brought before the National Assembly with a view of arriving at solutions favourable to the people of Guyana and all parties involved. This is the correct thing to do at this juncture for when the Government of Guyana acts against the best interest of the Guyanese people at the highest level of decision making in the country, only then the leader is required to strategically use other options available to the Guyanese people to see justice and fair play and an equal society that benefit all.

The few naysayers must understand that Norton has the full backing of our opposition supporters. They will continue to repose confidence in him and he will not fail them. Let’s us rightfully place our demands in the House before demanding justice in the streets.

Norman Browne
Social and Political Activist

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