More condemnation for Nirvan Singh

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…as he denies spewing racial slurs at female rank 

Condemnan continues to pour in against attorney, Nirvan Singh for allegedly hurling racial and other derogatory remarks against a female policewoman some weeks ago.
But weeks after he was accused of assaulting, spitting upon and spewing vile racial slurs at a female rank, Singh broke his silence refuting the allegations made against him.

The alleged victim, Shawnette Bollers, a female Special Constable attached to the Guyana Police Force, has alleged that Singh abused her while she was keeping watch at his father’s Cummings Street property on March 20. Singh’s father is former acting Chancellor of the Judiciary, Carl Singh.

The Attorney, while not denying that there was a confrontation between himself and the rank, who was providing security services at his father’s residence on March 20, 2022, said the reports, rumors and allegations surrounding the incident have no basis.


“While I am constrained from specific comment at this time, given that the matter is now being litigated before the courts and is therefore sub judice, I do recognise that there are no such rules in the critical court of public opinion.

I therefore wish to say that the racist conduct, of which I am accused, in no way reflects   my   philosophy   or   personal   values.   More   importantly,   it   would   be   an indictment on my parents and elders, given their efforts to ensure that my upbringing would   produce   in   me   a   person   of   the   highest   moral,   ethical,   and   professional conduct,” Singh said in a statement on Saturday.

The Attorney said as he awaits the court’s determination, he will strive to remain “respectful and faithful” to his values, and will continue to serve his clients from all walks of life with professionalism.

“I am eternally grateful to all of those persons, from both near and far, who have reached out to offer support in this most difficult time,” the Attorney said.

Bollers, who has since filed a $150M lawsuit against the Attorney, said she was called “a monkey, a black monkey.”  Bollers was reportedly told that “you Black people have no purpose in life.”

Many non-governmental organisations have condemned the alleged attacks on the female police constable.

The Working People’s Alliance (WPA), in a statement on Thursday (April 7) condemned the alleged attacks on Bollers.

“If these allegations are true, then they represent a new low for race relations in Guyana. It is not lost on the WPA that this incident comes in the wake of the outburst by a Minister of Government a few months ago in which he opined among other things that African Guyanese young people do not have role models. Taken together, these incidents signal a worrying development whereby persons with privilege in the society seem to feel free to openly express racial prejudice,” the WPA said in a statement.

The political party also expressed outraged by the lack of action on the part of the Guyana Police Force. Despite many queries from the press, the Force has remained silent on the matter, which involves one of its female members.

“That institution of State has not seen it fit to act on an allegation coming from one of its ranks speaks volumes about the rule of law in Guyana,” WPA said while noting that it is equally outraged that neither the Government nor the ruling party has spoken out on the matter.

“When one adds the stony silence of Indian Guyanese Interest groups and commentators, there appears to be a coordinated effort to play down this issue,” the party contended.

The party is now calling on the Commissioner of Police (ag) Clifton Hicken to launch a thorough investigation into the incident. Bollers had filed an official complaint.

WPA said Guyanese must not back a Police Force that is quick to harass and execute powerless citizens while protecting the powerful.

“The overarching role of the police is to serve and protect all citizens regardless of sex, ethnicity, race or social class. The charges leveled by Ms. Bollers cry out for police investigation now,” the WPA said.

Similarly, it called on President Irfaan Ali to address the matter. It warned that failure to address the issue would not augur well for the President’s ‘One Guyana’ mantra.

“…we call for national solidarity with Ms. Bollers and all victims of Racial Prejudice and Domination. Racism is a sin,” it said.

From where it stands, WPA said Guyana has reached the point of a State of Emergency in race relations.

“The malady has always existed just below the surface, but it has taken on frightening dimensions since the return to power of the PPP in 2020,” it contended.

Guyana, as a whole, must confront this deep-seated racial problem, it said, warning that failure to do would only aid in the country’s political instability and economic underdevelopment. It said too that it is critical for the country to engage in a national conversation on race relations aimed at sensitizing all Guyanese about the dangers of racism.

“Finally, we call for the immediate activation of the Ethnic Relations Commission with the expressed mandate of policing racial discrimination and racism in an evenhanded manner,” the WPA said.

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