Is the nation being duped?

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There is growing concern the government is not making genuine and sustainable efforts to ensure the development of the masses. They are no well thought out sustainable programmes to ensure the upliftment of all the people.

Skepticism is growing that President Ali’s one Guyana mantra is not only divisive because it seeks to undermine the national motto but that few are benefiting while the majority are being ignored. Guyanese are not being given the scope and opportunities to realise the national motto of oneness and unity.

The potential of Guyana’s oil wealth is still to ensure Guyanese have opportunities to participate in all sectors of the economy.
Poverty hovers around 40 percent. Under unemployment is around 30 percent. There is no national structured approach to alleviate poverty and suffering and to empower the people. There is no National Development Strategy.

Millions of barrels of oil have been extracted from our shores but yet still poverty lingers and is even increasing.
Inflation is eating up wages and salaries and workers continue to bear the brunt of it as others inflate their prices to offset cost.


There is a shame that a war in Europe has resulted in increase gas prices in Guyana.There has no national effort to protect the working class and hold prices stable and buffer the economy where all can benefit.

Prices of many essential items have gone up exponentially. It is becoming harder and harder every day for people to cope. The situation is worse for pensioners and the unemployed.

History has proven how people respond in times of hardships and crises. Whereas some have drawn upon creative legitimate means of surviving, some will take advantage of the weak and vulnerable by increasing prices, exploitation, and crime.

Serious efforts need to be made to alleviate the pervasive social
and economic inequalities. The Government and Opposition must meet earliest with a view of examining the these and bringing on board stakeholders to charting a way forward.

Guyana cannot flourish as a whole and serve all its people pursuing a path of continued division and fostering distrust and hate. This country belongs to all of us and we must get serious about making this nation a place where all can live in peace, harmony and relative comfort and safety.

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