Viewpoint | Women divided on Will Smith slap of Chris Rock

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Still action of Will Smith slap of Chris Rock (Google photo credit)

Everyone is talking about the slap that resonated around the world in front of the eyes of viewers in the audience and the tens of millions watching the show via various media platforms. Last Sunday evening (March 27, 2022), at the 94th Oscars Award Ceremony, Will Smith walked onto the stage and slapped Chris Rock-the host for that segment- in his face for making a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Rock, looking into the audience, said “Jada, I love you ‘G.I. Jane 2, can’t wait to see it.” This was in reference to her shaved head which mirrors Demi Moore’s who wore similar style, appearing in the 1997 film “G.I Jane.” Reportedly, when Rock made the joke, he was unaware Jada is suffering from alopecia. Alopecia areata is a disease that happens when the immune system attacks hair follicles and causes hair loss. The media and man in the street are discussing the incident.

One female social media commentator said the following: –

“I want to go on record as a black woman who deeply loves her black man, and further say, Jada failed him.


Will Smith was earning an Oscar, a lifetime achievement!!! As a couple, his success should have been the only thing on display that day! That man has been publicly ridiculed for YEARS… not for what he did but for what Jada did!

And on a night of firsts, the night that man gets to make history, yet again, Jada’s shit has made him a mockery.

A confident hand squeeze, a bat of her eyelashes, and a mouthed “Baby that’s ok, it’s about YOU” would have calmed him and but the spotlight back on her man, a man that deserved that statue.

But no. Jadas love is so toxic I’m praying for that brother. Her love has publicly shamed that man for YEARS.

Protection? Shiiiiiii…. Will needs protection from Jada. Black men need protection for women like Jada. The slander black women face is because of characteristics that are seen by men in women like Jada. And every time I see black women co-sign her protection, over his lifetime achievement – I get a bit more worried about the future of our black family


This page’s take on the issue is:-
Whilst the above are some good comments, why does Jada have to take responsibility for what Will did without consulting her? He made himself an immature fool then blamed his crappy behaviour on their love and his protection of her. There are lots to be admired about Will Smith but not this, and certainly not this attempt by another woman to blame Jada for his recklessness. Let’s stop the blame game.

No one saw or heard Jada whisper in his ears, “Go get him, Will”. He laughed at the joke, They, it is sure laughed at many jokes made about others. Notably, Will found the remark funny until he realised Jada did not. Then in an exhibition of bipolarity he acted to win favours back with her.

Shame on Will! Shame on him for not taking into consideration and having respect for the millions of viewers the world over, young and old alike. Shame on him not considering the Academy, the example his iconic figure is setting for youth of the world. Shame on him believing, even thinking, what he did was within his rights and cool.

There is no need to go further to say anything about the parenting and family values but obviously a lot is evident from Jaden’s (the son) comment after the assault on Chris. On his twitter account he posted “This Is How We Do It!”

Will set a bad example for young people, his community and those who look up to him. Violence is never the way to resolve any issue. Gifted and talented as Will is what he did is inexcusable. We must be able to separate his public misbehaviour from his artistic achievements. As even as Rock said he is “still processing what happened” many have and will continue to share their views about the incident.

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