Echolalia Parrot of Red

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Dear Editor,

This will be sold as bought, of one who answers to Dharamlall, being of an oceanic ego, so much so that an echolalia parrot he positioned outside the bedroom, trained to repeat phrases of the nocturnal shenanigans. And as it were, the morning after cardiovascular excursions, on sight of Dharamlall and thereafter, the echolalia parrot would repeat, “Oh Dharamlall. Oh Dharamlall. Oh Dharamlall.” As would be expected, this fed Dharamlall’s oceanic ego, so of B.F. Skinner’s positive reinforcement, the parrot was duly rewarded a succulent fruit. Notwithstanding, this ego inflating ritual continued for years, until one day a knackered Dharamlall returned from work, only to be welcomed by the echolalia Parrot repeating, “Oh Peter. Oh Peter. Oh my God Peter.” And therein is the danger of echolalia parrots; they repeat without thinking, sometimes at the most inopportune times.

Enter the PPP echolalia parrot, Priya Manickchand, who finds it most arduous, containing her echolalia predisposition. For like her kindred, she would annoyingly repeat what’s heard, without engaging her braincells. So likely a conversation overheard, the echolalia parrot repeated without thinking, that Covid-19 would be long gone by September 2021. But to date, the virus and the echolalia parrot are unfortunately still with us. Soon after, whispers she eavesdropped that Covid-19 is going nowhere, of which she repeated without any deliberation.

Then hypoxic from protracted isolation in the bubble of the stupid, heard she did, likely hallucinatory in nature, the phrase “practising the science.” And of echolalia predilection, it she repeated to children vaccinated at the school of grey. As a result, queries were made of its meaning, of which she brainlessly retorted, “repeated I did for I’m with a mouth.” Thereafter, attempting to justify schools reopening, she repeated as was told, 70+ school aged girls were raped and are with child. And when questioned on why she would’ve repeated such, damaging to both herself and in extension PPP, argued she did that’s what echolalia parrots do; prattle more ponder less.


And most recently, she repeated all schools will be reopened by Easter, which triggered a memory check by many, confirming that this very echolalia parrot, recently repeated that schools were first to be reopened. As a result, two rarely used cognitive tools were employed, to ascertain how best to limit this echolalia parrot’s public prattles.

To that end, the cognitive tools of analytical thinking and deductive reasoning were employed, establishing that one cannot reopen what’s already opened. In effect, if schools are already reopened, then the echolalia parrot shouldn’t be of need to reopen what’s already reopened. Moreover, with schools established closed, they can only be first to be reopened, if elsewhere is closed vis-a-vis, a complete lockdown. But that’s certainly not the case, evidencing this echolalia parrot, prattling more pondering less.

Therefore, of this retrospective analysis of Priya Manickchand’s thoughtless vociferations, the conclusion is, she has fulfilled all the qualifying criteria to be of title, Echolalia Parrot of Red, thus will forever, prattle more ponder less.

Dr. Mark Devonish

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