Is Lincoln Lewis anti-union

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Dear Editor,

The GAWU believes it must offer a response to some elements of Mr Lincoln Lewis’ letter appearing in the February 18, 2022, edition of the Stabroek News. At the outset we must point out that we cannot speak for the Trade Union Recognition and Certification Board (TURCB) and will not address issues in that regard.

However, having digested Mr Lewis’ narrative filled with his usual derisive and abrasive scorn it is hard not to conclude, from all appearances, that the long-standing unionist has taken on an anti-union stance. We ask how else one can rationalize the denunciation of a genuine workers organisation drawing to attention the hardships faced, and disrespect meted out to workers of our country? The GAWU is simply disheartened to see the low level Mr Lewis has descended to as he seeks to advance his divisive narrative that does not in any way help the workers of our country. It is for us a reckless attempt by someone who has announced themselves to be steeped in the principles of trade unionism and the struggles of the working-class.

The GAWU, nonetheless, is unbothered by the squeaks emanating from the erstwhile gentleman. Foremost our Union’s allegiance has always remained with the workers of Guyana. This is a historical fact. We solemnly believe that workers’ rights must be respected and upheld. We do so without any fear and no amount of crassness will deter us from our noble objective.


Our Union though disheartened, would urge Lincoln to join us and in his own way contribute rather than obstruct to advancement of workers rights. We believe our working-class deserves no less and we are confident that our efforts will bring dignity and decency to the workers of our country. Unlike Lincoln we do not categorize unions and workers in binary terms. There is no time to place issues in silos but rather seek the general advancement of the working-class. The GAWU will continue to play an active role. At this time, we are focused on our tasks of representing workers and advancing their lot and can least be deterred by hollow accusations.

Yours faithfully,
Seepaul Narine

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