Pathetic Plagiarising Plunderers

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And this, a most germane cliche, comparing sportspersons of disparate eras, for multitudinous reasons, is fraught with danger.

In fact, such a cliche, hypothesis if you may, whilst testable in an objective assessment, is likely to be of dissimilar variables. Of which, such variables may include, but not limited to, varying opponents’ quality, inconsistent governing rules, technological advances of the sport etc. Thus, of many incomparable parameters, objective comparison is neigh impossible.

Nevertheless, the aforestated framework informed the Omicron vs Delta debate, coined by the Western Media, characterising Delta as deadly, while disparaging Omicron an impotent common cold. Thus, of such pronouncements, many listened, then were of immediate regurgitation, without any cerebral engagement.

And one such registered regurgitant is Dr. Frank Anthony, who with indigestive haste regurgitated as was fed, misinforming all and many that Omicron is akin to the sniffles. Thereafter, of foolery consolidation, Demerara Waves feigned interview of one, who forcefully regurgitated crammed numbers and information, fearful they may have escaped his vacuous brain. In fact, Dr. Keith Cummings, was of a bowtie quasi-professorial demeanour informing, thousands diagnosed Covid-19 have experienced his healing hands, thus of medical authority, Omicron he labelled a sniffle, for which the unthinking Covid Clueless certified, thereupon outlawing mitigations.


But predating such pervasive regurgitation, volumes were available in these columns, informing that Omicron repudiated the common cold label. Nonetheless, such was dismissed, for Dr. Anthony is PPP and Dr. Keith Cummings, is of Dr. Emmanuel Cummings, who is PPP.

Notwithstanding, with the Covid Clueless cognitively moribund, parenteral essential Covid-19 knowledge, was via the Village Voice port. And that infused, included contextualising of Delta presentation as one of minimal vaccine and natural immunity, thus with amateur defences millions were knocked 6ft under.

In contrast Omicron, albeit much more mutational than Delta, presented when billions were with vaccines in arms and immunity in veins. Thus, Omicron confronted a people who transitioned amateur to professional defences.

Additionally, the travelling vaccinated active young, presented more opportunities, thus first opportunity, to meet and greet Omicron. And at initial encounter, Omicron evaded immunity, but being of pristine health, they fought it off, even with immunity arms restraint. As a result, their symptomatology registered only the sniffle common cold, explanatory to the Omicron common cold myth.

Therefore, of grave concern it was, the Covid Clueless disparaging Omicron the sniffles, misinformed by early presentations of the America’s vaccinated active young. Thus, a warning from these columns was immediately theirs, informing that America is of efficacious primary and booster vaccines, while we’re with the jocular Sputnik-V and comical non-boosters. Implications being, when Omicron deplanes, it will snatch the lives of our defenceless. But of warning, they giggled and dismissed.

Omicron mitigations
Nonetheless, these columns remained enthused, for endeavoured we’ve to minimise our Covid-19 deaths, delivering packaged pro bono advice for the Covid Clueless. But of politics all was spurned, for the critique of these Covid-19 columns were an emotional distressing burden. In fact, when critique visited APNU+AFC, PPP copied and paste to the Guyana Times, unarmed of consent. And when critique fitted their political agenda, their letter columns were of “Dr. Mark Devonish is right.” Now with the urgent matter of life and death, these critiques have erected fortifications, exposing us to a false dilemma, die to live or live to die.

But our conviction in these columns remained resolute, serving as that information drone, delivering mitigations for Omicron. And that proffered was an aggressive approved booster campaign to protect all, moreso the vulnerable. Procuring the new Covid-19 medicines to protect the vulnerable. An information led Public Health campaign. Eagle eye surveillance of isolation and quarantine. Unlocking lockdowns. Delayed schools reopening until schools are made safe. Guidance that Sinopharm, J&J and AstraZeneca aren’t boosters, so usage will count deaths. But all they rebuffed, now January registered the third highest pandemic deaths.

Education deficit mitigations
Nevertheless, these columns were unabated, month after month, counting years, providing up to date evidence underpinning extended schools closures, being detrimental to our children. Opening their eyes to the concepts of education hysteresis, intensive and extensive margins. Filled their ears with the implications of extended schools closure; educational, psychological, economics, and social. Thereafter, these columns informed to reform, that the lower socioeconomic groups will be worst affected by extended schools closures, thus serving on their platinum plates the idea of a tablet with data and software, per child.

But all proposed they dismissed, focusing on promoting the unimaginative $19,000 slogan, “Because we care.” Thus of wrath, these columns labelled the $19,000 pittance as gesture politics, arguing that our children need substantive policies, not political gimmick, to ameliorate their education deficit.

For the rationale we share, with children burdened with an education deficit, only a brainless nematode would posit, giving less through consolidated curriculum, will compensate. Thus of consolidated curriculum, these columns doctorly euthanised, then recommended final resting place be an unmarked grave. In fact, even the clinical braindead would be of wisdom that a deficit mandates more, not less-Extending school hours. Reduced school holidays. Tablets to consolidate subject matter learnt. After school private tutors, state sponsored, for struggling children.

Political scavengers
Now a year and counting, of information flooding these pages, Education Minister, Priya Manickchand awakes from her narcoleptic slumber to quote UNICEF position; “Schools should be reopened first and closed last.” In fact, as she was of loud somniloquy, such these columns argued ad nauseam, of which the political scavenger pilfered, but rather than enact forthwith to benefit our children, waited she did for nearly a year to plagiarise ownership, desperate to convince the gullible, nematodes are with a brain.

Thereafter, most unceremoniously the depth of her foolery was unclothed, when of now naked incognisance, struggled she did to differentiate first from last and safe reopening vs opening of schools. Thus, with recollection we reminded that of Covid-19 schools were closed first, and reopened last with no WHO mitigations, after 21 months.

But astonishingly, her scavenging and ravening were of no bounds, for now with bloated ignorance, she teeters in high-heels and red lip stick, boasting about one tablet per child. In fact, that these columns for nearly a year, also championed, of which the political scrounge pilfered, and in scavenger mode, hid for nearly a year, now reproduced to claim ownership. Now our children will likely be of children, before the outdated tablets are in hands.

And confirming this a PPP contagion, Dr. Anthony of scavenging exploits, pick-pocketed these columns, enriched with Sputnik-V dangers. But of PPP scavenging policy, information was squirrel buried for a year, of which he is now with foolish attempts to erase Sputnik-V from our recollections, being of the belated recognition that it cannot be extracted from our arms.

Pathetic Plagiarising Politics
So unequivocal, these a la mode columns, offered PPP many opportunities to save lives. But saving lives wasn’t their intent, for unashamedly of sticky fingers they pilfered to conceal, before barefacedly unveiling as theirs, reminding that a shameless lot they’re. A lot that placed Cash over Covid. A lot that placed pride over pain. A lot unfit to lead, not even a Jackass cart.

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