Collective efforts required to stem COVID-19 wave

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Dear Editor

The FITUG notes with concern the rapid rise in the number of COVID-19 infections over the past week. We recognise that Guyana is not unusual and several of our neighbours are experiencing similar spikes thought to be related to the omicron variant.

Though, the presence of the variant remains unconfirmed in Guyana, undoubtedly if we are to overcome the present wave it requires the efforts of all Guyanese. On this score, we recognise, to some extent, laxity on the part of some of our people. This does not help in the efforts to contain the virus or to minimize infections and more importantly deaths. While many have chosen to speak of other measures, maybe to score political points, the non-adherence to measures represents one of the most challenging facets of the ongoing battle. Indeed, it requires our individual and collective efforts if we are to actively stem infections.

We also remain concerned that it appears our inoculation programme has reached seemingly stalled. Though we recognise that Guyanese continue to come forward to obtain their vaccines, the pace appears to be slowing thus eluding us from attained herd immunity. Critically too we note that many persons are not returning for their second does. This does not help our fight especially considering vast resources are being utilized to ensure that all eligible Guyanese are vaccinated. The Federation is aware that a great deal of misinformation still exists in respect of the efficacy of the vaccines. However, such sentiments, we consider, are disproven given several studies and reports which have utilized real world data. At this time, when vaccinations give our people a real chance to avoid infection or to reduce the chances of serious illness, we urge all to be fully inoculated.


 Currently, the FITUG urges all Guyanese to be careful. We encourage persons to mask up when leaving their homes and to ensure they sanitize regularly while avoiding large congregations. Indeed, they are several simple steps which can prevent us from becoming the next unwitting victim. But it requires everyone to play their role.

Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana

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