May Christ’s values continue to shape and influence our lives, year round- GTUC

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The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) joins with the Christian community and all Guyanese in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Holiday is not without challenges to the working class and their families who are forced to continue to navigate the pandemic and increasing cost of living without necessary support from the Government, who has a responsibility to all the people and is the primary employer of most.

In a message the union said it remains of concern to GTUC that salary/wages have not kept pace with cost-of-living, the imposed measly seven percent cannot work, many have been placed on the breadline, and the selective disrespect for the rights of workers to engage in Collective Bargaining. These serve as evidence of the continuous suffering of the working class at the hands of an seemingly uncaring and selfish government.

GTUC also notes the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) has changed its guard. At its Biennial Congress, held on 18th December, Mr. Aubrey Norton was elected Leader along with a new Executive Committee. As one of Guyana’s major two political forces, and principal member in the APNU+AFC coalition, society will look forward to new and more inclusionary engagement with labour and other national stakeholders in realising proper management of the nation’s resources, and development of the poor and working class.


A religion founded to revolutionise man’s thinking and interaction with others, built on the teaching/principles/values of equality and redemption, finds a world where disparity and injustice reign supreme and the condemned practices of the Scribes and Pharisees’ returning to preeminence. The principles of Christianity that prides itself on being our brothers and sisters’ keepers are waning, and considering this, GTUC urges the return of Christ to Christmas.

Where His birth and teachings are premised on equality, justice and fair play these values would become meaningless when observed in the breach and lip service paid at significant calendar events such as Christmas Day.

The equality which protects the individual’s fundamental rights and freedoms to be treated with dignity and respect includes the right to worship in peace, the right to work, freedom of association, legal justice, to own property, economic advancement, and all other inalienable rights. Respect for equality will ensure systems are put in place to ensure social, economic, and political justice for our fellow man, be it at an individual, group or institutional level.

Treating each other fairly will contribute to creating a just society and guaranteeing the equality of all. Whether it be the family, workplace, civic group, or government, where the tone is set in ensuring rules and standards grounded in universal principles of equality, peace and goodwill to all mankind can be assured. The best exemplar in this regard remains Christ, whose teachings and actions were even handed in conceptualisation, application and implementation.

Thus, the peace and goodwill this Yuletide season brings us must not only be for merriment, but committed immersion in the role each and every one of us must play in giving true meaning, year round, to the principles Christ’s life and work exemplified. GTUC therefore enjoins all not only to celebrate Christ’s beginning (25th December), but to give true meaning to its representation in our day-to-day lives.

May Christ’s values continue to shape and influence our lives

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